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I have one word for my husband

By | Posted May 27, 2009

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My Daybook- May 26, 2009

By | Posted May 26, 2009

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For Today…May 26, 2009 Outside my window…humid, sunshine mixed with clouds, the Houston summer is here. I am thinking… how great a clean house is. I love for my house to be clean and organized. Thankfully, my kids are neat too. From the learning room…It’s a slow week in our homeschool. Goose continues to read […]

The Week in Review

By | Posted May 18, 2009

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1. Today is Squirt’s birthday! To celebrate we went to Double Dave’s with the family. Here is a picture of our favorite dessert, the chocolate chip pizza. The manager couldn’t believe we ate the whole thing. 2. Look who is standing: 3. Friday was my dad’s birthday. We went to Pappasito’s with the young kids […]

Should I be Worried?

By | Posted May 12, 2009

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I asked Squirt how his trip went and the first thing he wanted to tell me was that he held hands with a girl. On the one hand, I am glad that he shares this kind of thing with me, but on the other hand, I am so not ready for him to date and […]

Vacation Notes

By | Posted May 11, 2009

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We returned from our trip last night. We had a great time relaxing in the mountains and then spending time with friends in Atlanta. We rented a cabin in Blue Ridge about thirty minutes out of town, up in the mountains. We were so excited about our cabin because we were on the river. 109 […]

My Daybook- May 3, 2009

By | Posted May 4, 2009

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FOR TODAY May 3, 2009 Outside my window…the sun is shining. The morning was beautiful and the humidity low. It’s been so hot and humid that we really appreciate days like this. I am thinking…of everything I need to get ready for our trip this week. My husband and I are taking the little ones […]

The Black Plague

By | Posted May 4, 2009

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Last week we heard Goose singing while his brother was playing the guitar. We only had him start over 3 times to get this on tape.

Go Rockets

By | Posted April 28, 2009

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Tonight is game 5 of the playoffs so the boys dressed appropriately. As usual, Baby Hulk had something to say about his clothes.

By | Posted April 23, 2009

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Since I can’t get into facebook and keep track of “friends” I haven’t seen or thought about in years, I decided to try out another “in” thing: blogging. I’m not a good writer, but I do love to talk/brag about my family and friends. I have always kept a journal, although I suppose I’ll be […]