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Finding a New Parish

By | Posted April 7, 2021

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The boys served Easter Vigil mass at what used to be our regular parish.  Since the pandemic, we’ve been back at our parish a total of five times, maybe six.  When churches reopened last summer, I decided we should go because Zoom mass just wasn’t working for our family.  There was fighting, a certain adult […]

My Top 50 Songs

By | Posted March 7, 2021

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This Summer when I was lamenting my Covid birthday celebration, I decided to make a music mix of my top 20 songs.  Typical for me, my list grew and grew.  It’s not really done, I am constantly thinking of songs that should have made the list. It was hard choosing a song or two for […]

What’s Saving My Life Right Now

By | Posted February 9, 2021

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I can’t believe it’s already February.  Or that it’s 2021.  Despite how different this past year has been, time has flown.  We’re halfway through school, we’re still wearing masks and mostly staying home.  As hard as it’s been the last year, it hasn’t been bad.  Mainly because life goes on- the boys go to school […]

Why I Am Running

By | Posted October 16, 2014

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People always ask me how I can run.  It’s so boring, they say.  It’s not for me.  Honestly, it gives me time alone with my own thoughts.  Time to pray, daydream, plan for my day and mainly just relax.  Time truly for myself. I start and end each run thinking of the same thing~ a […]

At Summers End

By | Posted August 25, 2014

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With the sound of a whistle and the call of adult swim, summer is officially over.  We spent the afternoon swimming, rushed through showers, made pizzas, read books and prayed.  Kids in bed by 9:30.  Lance’s goal was 8:15~ no clue what he was thinking.  Snax didn’t fall asleep until after 10.  Tomorrow is going […]

My Family

By | Posted June 26, 2014

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As I’m getting ready to celebrate another anniversary, I was thinking of my life before marriage.  I hit the jackpot. I think back on my childhood, and it was great.  There were after school activities, vacations, I Love You’s all the time, hugs, baking time and favorite meals.  The only thing missing was that coveted […]

On the man in the red suit

By | Posted January 20, 2014

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Sure, I know it’s past the Christmas season, but I started this post way back when I thought I might find the time to finish a post. So just a word or two on Santa and that effing elf. First, yes, I believed in Santa, and so do my kids.  That said, almost every single […]

Five For Friday

By | Posted February 1, 2013

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:: It’s Friday.  What does this mean?  My husband comes home tonight!  We’re pretty pathetic about time apart from each other.  I know I am very blessed to have a husband that would rather be with me than anyone else.  While Radio Row is hardly real competition, I know he’d feel the same way no […]

Wishing you…

By | Posted December 25, 2012

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Peace on earth, most especially with your loved ones. Christmas Eve dinner at Trulucks, a Zierlein family tradition.

On the feast of St. Nicholas

By | Posted December 6, 2012

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The kids woke up to gold coins at breakfast to signify St. Nicholas’ generosity and new pj’s.  And of course, books. I used to buy the boys matching pj’s, but it appears those years have passed.  In fact, I could only find pj pants this year for Goose, Baby Hulk and Squirt.  Squirt scored big […]