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A Graduation in Pictures

By | Posted June 10, 2013

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 Passing the time with books and Pokemon  Happy Faces  Trying to find the best family photo…not so easy, will need to have a friend blend these together.

A Thought

By | Posted June 4, 2013

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Tonight I was making lunches for two of the boys.  Baby Hulk has decided he is done with school.  Goose was done until he heard they were playing kickball against 4th grade.  Squirt has to finish Senior checkup and pick up his cap and gown.  So despite my desire to be done with making lunches […]

Prom Night

By | Posted April 21, 2013

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 Pictures at William’s Tower  Sister coming to check out the date and friends  I swear to God, Lance asked if I wanted the date in the picture.  I wasn’t trying to be rude, but no.  (And no, she didn’t hear him ask that silly question.)  But what a pretty girl she is.  Did I think […]

A Baptismal Anniversary

By | Posted April 19, 2013

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Today is the anniversary of Chelsea and Squirt’s Baptism.  These were the first kids we baptized.  Pretty cool when you think about how many children we’ve taken into our church and had baptized.  We had a small celebration to remember the day they became full members of the church and received the grace of the […]

Another Year

By | Posted May 20, 2012

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Another year has come and gone.  Squirt, you’re a year older.  One more year until you graduate from high school.  It’s hard to believe that this is where we are right now.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking you to your first day of high school. It’s been a more difficult year, but […]

Come Holy Spirit

By | Posted April 19, 2012

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Mo oldest son was confirmed on Wednesday evening at St. John Vianney Catholic Church.  (Calling him Squirt right now just seems silly!) The mass was beautiful.  When the Bishop asked the candidates to name the gifts of the Spirit, Squirt raised his hand to answer! He selected my mom to be his sponsor, which I […]

Be Mine

By | Posted February 15, 2012

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My first Valentine from Squirt when he was 5 years old.  Yes, I am that mother.  The one who saves this type of stuff.  I keep it hanging in my kitchen window. Years ago, it had different shades of pink, but today pieces are missing and the sun has made the color fade.  Still just […]

Five For Friday

By | Posted January 20, 2012

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What am I doing this weekend?  Overseeing my son work on a project he’s had two months to finish.  Not the junior, the second grader.  It’s not even a difficult project, but he has done nothing to get started on it except read the book. It’s a biography of Jackie Robinson, and he has to […]

Tuesday Thoughts

By | Posted October 25, 2011

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Is there a curse on my house?  I have a broken dishwasher, (yes, I am still washing dishes by hand), a leak in my disposal, an entryway that needs new windows, and now our television went bust. Lance came home ready to watch Sunday night’s football game only to find that the television wasn’t working. […]

On Fear and Parenting

By | Posted October 22, 2011

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The 10 Habits book I read had a couple of other chapters I really liked.  One chapter on love and another on fear.  I really liked both chapters because they focused on realizing you don’t have control over who your children are, who they will become later in life and what might happen to them. […]