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Read To Me

By | Posted October 23, 2012

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This stack only took an entire hour.  And he still wants more.

My Newest Student

By | Posted October 1, 2012

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They say every child is different.  I know this.  Down to my core, I know this.  And yet, I am still surprised at times by just how different this one is from the others. Some days, I think he is as lazy as a teenager. Others, I think he may be my smartest kid ever. […]

Hiking is just walking…

By | Posted August 21, 2012

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And it’s boring… You would have thought we were hiking this instead of a child friendly trail.


By | Posted August 5, 2012

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Each evening, I pray over my kids.  Part of the prayer is a blessing and giving thanks for the gift of them..  Lately, I’ve been thanking Him for the little boy with a twinkle in his eye.  After I say that, Snax always asks: “do I have a twinkle, Mom?” Yes, Snax, you have a […]

Old School Birthday

By | Posted July 15, 2012

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Those women pinning party boards have nothing on me. Snax wanted a chocolate cake with white frosting.  And sprinkles.  And strawberries.  He was very clear.  Nothing else would do. He also wanted hats.  So he got hats. I do have aspirations that someday I will have a party worthy of Pinterest, (yes, I am one […]

When I Grow Up

By | Posted July 11, 2012

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Squirt has aspirations to be in the UFC.  I am so not kidding. Goose aspires to be a doctor, much to Paul’s dismay. Snax…when he is 20, he is going to be a dragon. Lance said, “you can be a clown or a priest, which one?”  Snax replied with some frustration as he thought this […]

I’m Four

By | Posted July 11, 2012

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Happy Birthday, Snax!  You are now four years old. Kid, you are hilarious.  You are cuddly.  You are sweet.  You love your sister so much.  You have the cutest voice ever.  You ask me if I’m happy.  You fully live life.  Every second of the day. You light up a room when you come running […]