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All Smiles

By | Posted August 25, 2014

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This morning didn’t go quite as planned.  We certainly weren’t early, but instead got there just in time.  Somebody changed clothing plans this morning, then another remembered they had new shoes in the closet, then we tried to take pictures at home…but we made it.  Found a friend to retake our picture in front of […]

School Projects

By | Posted January 20, 2014

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Seriously, I can’t take them.  And having a certain fourth grader who NEVER, EVER starts a project early is going to drive me insane.  Last weekend, he didn’t finish his project until late Sunday night.  It was a project over a book he had read.  Oh, you know, a book read, the day after Christmas.  Yup, […]

Day 2

By | Posted August 27, 2013

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Day 2 did not go well. At all. My plan was to drop off the children and hit mass, then core, then cardio and back to school for lunch. What happened was I sent Goose and Baby Hulk to class and Snax held me hostage for an hour and a half. Yes, an hour and […]

And We’re Off

By | Posted August 27, 2013

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Kicking and screaming, I took the kids to school this morning.  On time.  After repeated requests to this stupid school over the past four years, they finally allowed parents to walk their kids to their kindergarten class on the first day of school. It’s the small victories that make me feel like I can do […]


By | Posted April 14, 2013

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** Snax started swim lessons this week.  For two months he told me he wanted to take swim lessons at the YMCA, not Houston Swim Club where his brothers had taken lessons.  Then all of a sudden, he wanted to go to HSC.  This put us completely behind in lessons…had I known this I would […]

School Projects

By | Posted April 9, 2013

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Who likes them?  Whose child actually does the entire project on their own? School projects literally bring out the worst in every person in this family First, there’s the child who always waits until the last second to even start the project.  That woudln’t be so bad if said child were ready to work and […]

Happy, Happy

By | Posted October 30, 2012

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I took the kids to Baby Hulk’s field trip today.  Everyone, particularly Snax had a great time.  In fact, he thinks he is part of BH’s K class.  The teacher was really cool about the kids being there and helped out with Snax when I was dealing with Sunshine, or Dark Cloud as she was […]

Intentional Summer

By | Posted July 18, 2012

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Well, I just got the punch to my stomach.  The whole I love my birthday…well, that’s done.  Baby Hulk is off the wait list at Rogers.  I completed the paperwork this afternoon with a very heavy heart.  I’m not happy.  My mind had accepted that he was home, and the year was set.  Now it’s […]

Schools Out For Summer…

By | Posted May 30, 2012

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School officially ended for my seven year old today.  We had a field trip he really wanted to attend.  Afterwards we cleaned out his desk, tossed all his papers and came home to relax. I am so happy to have my boy home for the summer.  School is way too long in my opinion.  I […]

Words to live by…

By | Posted May 8, 2012

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“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.” ~ Yeats   Our buckets are being tested this week.  Standardized tests which means they are doing nothing else this week and have done nothing for the past few weeks.  What about yours?