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Like A Boss

By | Posted April 26, 2012

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I have five kids.  And only one of them isn’t a picky eater. It’s Squirt.  He didn’t grow into it, he has just never been picky.  I’m so used to him eating whatever I put in front of him, I have to remind myself it’s okay when he doesn’t like something. Everyone thinks Snax eats. […]

The End

By | Posted April 19, 2012

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Baby Z turned 16 months on the 17th.  For 16 months, she’s had one thing to drink. Milk.  Specifically, my milk. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not into breastfeeding, even after all these kids, it still just isn’t for me.  Pumping wasn’t really that great, but the benefits were there.  Milk for her, weight loss […]

Found It, Kind Of

By | Posted March 27, 2012

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Find It is one of those perfect games to keep children occupied, especially in the car.  It’s the kind of game I like a lot too.  We had found everything except the Penny.  I have five different friends who have this game, and none of them have found the penny. Now, I am one of […]

Sometimes You Say Yes

By | Posted February 28, 2012

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I am a list person. A lot of things make me happy, but crossing things off a list is close to the top.  And while that might sound slightly pathetic, I’m fine with anyone thinking that.  I’d like to say it’s the only way to run a house with seven people in it, but I […]

Around the House…

By | Posted February 22, 2012

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THIS ALLELUIA!!!!!!!! I know, I know, Lent started today.  We hid the Alleluia last night, we’re not supposed to say it again until Easter. But I know God is okay with me shouting that from the rooftops. After six months without a dishwasher and 7 people in this home, I finally have a dishwasher! So […]

Helpful Stripper

By | Posted December 18, 2011

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On Saturday we took our ONE YEAR OLD(!) to the park.  She loves to swing, and the weather was perfect.  While there, I noticed a women with her two kids.  She was working out with a friend and you could tell their nighttime jobs.  She was nice enough and as I was lining up the kids […]

The Merry-Go-Round You Can’t Jump From

By | Posted December 14, 2011

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Can I take a deep breathe?  This shingles business sucks.  And while I’d love to milk it for all it’s worth, the only thing I have not done over the past thirteen days is blog. Rest.  Take it easy.  That doesn’t happen under normal circumstances, but during the holiday season.  Not a chance in hell. […]

Who Knew?

By | Posted December 4, 2011

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Last Thursday I was on the phone talking birthday invites for Baby Z when something bit me.  It was so severe I put the person on hold to take off my shirt and look for the culprit.  Never found it. Want to know why? It was shingles. Yes, shingles.  SHINGLES! I went 24 hours before […]

At the end of the week…

By | Posted November 26, 2011

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It’s been a great week.  Seriously.  I’ve had the least stressful holiday I have had in probably my entire life.  And no, I did not medicate myself. It was just us, my dad and aunt for the day.  My poor mom was sick and stuck at home.  The food was good, at least the potatoes […]

Thanksgiving Memories

By | Posted November 24, 2011

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I could go on about how grateful I am for my faith, my family and food.  But let’s be real…it’s after 11.  There is one thing I’m happy about right now. We Won! I won’t rub it in, that’s being taken care of on Twitter as I type.  The joys of social media.  I need […]