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By | Posted December 26, 2012

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Never in my entire life have I been so exhausted.  Ever.  Babies not sleeping through the night have nothing on my life.  I’m not sure what it is and why I can’t get a handle on it, but I am spent.  And honestly not relaxed these days at all.  I’ve missed two birthday posts for […]

My Inner Artist

By | Posted November 10, 2012

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After a failed attempt with family painting on Mother’s Day and my subsequent boycott of PP, I didn’t think I’d ever paint… Then I saw a painting for El Dia De Los Muertos at a different company.  I forgave that the class was scheduled after said celebration, figuring I’ll have a great addition to the altar […]

My New Home?

By | Posted October 28, 2012

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I have eight friends I can think of without trying that have four kids, (and over half aren’t Catholic), so five kids doesn’t seem like much to me. People make comments all the time..but it’s not a big deal.  I like order, and generally, we have it.  At the very least, I can keep a […]


By | Posted October 15, 2012

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I did it. In the ultimate act of letting go, I popped my fitball and threw it in the trash.  Despite the fact that it’s so easy to use~ you can work your abs and watch television.  Despite having a friend that teaches fitball who would willingly give me her routine, I had to finally […]


By | Posted July 24, 2012

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Shameful.  Just shameful.  That is how I would describe the closets in this house.  No, they aren’t messy.  They are just full of clothes.  Never ending amounts of clothes for my kids. Yesterday, while the kids got their television on, I cleaned out the closets and drawers in an effort to figure out what we need […]

What I Love About Summer

By | Posted July 17, 2012

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Our favorite poet, Douglass Florian, has a book for each season.  It is taking all my strength not to buy each book for our nature collection, which is mighty small, but proving to be a huge interest in this house. One of our favorite poems is titled: What I Love About Summer.  It’s a great […]


By | Posted June 27, 2012

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Yes, this is seriously a post about towels.  My anniversary is coming up this Friday, and I’ve been thinking about my wedding.  Truly one of the best days of my life.  Anyway, I was thinking of the big day: the ceremony, the reception~ remarkable and the gifts.  My favorites were the wooden spoon, hanging in […]

On my mind

By | Posted June 5, 2012

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I just read the most amazing piece online.  It spoke about how college isn’t for everybody.  Maybe people have been saying this all along, but WOW.  What a breath of fresh air.  When did college become right for all of us?  Was it the same time tuition began to increase at a ridiculous rate on […]

Ode To Snoopy

By | Posted May 15, 2012

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Goose has been participating in WITS, Writers in the School, all year.  They ended the year with a party in which the teacher passed out a book with their own work inside.  It was pretty inspired to hear each child read a work they created to the class. Each student selected four pieces for the […]

Words to live by…

By | Posted May 8, 2012

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“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.” ~ Yeats   Our buckets are being tested this week.  Standardized tests which means they are doing nothing else this week and have done nothing for the past few weeks.  What about yours?