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Kite Day

By | Posted April 20, 2013

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To celebrate Earth Day at our school, the kids fly kites.  I hate this day.  In theory, it sounds great to spend some time outdoors on Earth Day.  But how is buying a new kite every year beneficial to the Earth?  Aren’t we supposed to be leaving less of an imprint on this planet?  (And […]

A Week In The Life

By | Posted April 14, 2013

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What grand, glorious plans I had for this week…there was the lunch with a friend on Friday, a field trip with my favorite K child, and a play-date planned with two adorable boys, one which I would be allowed to hold for the entire play-date, that’s how nice his mom is. Throw in the Audubon […]

School Projects

By | Posted April 9, 2013

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Who likes them?  Whose child actually does the entire project on their own? School projects literally bring out the worst in every person in this family First, there’s the child who always waits until the last second to even start the project.  That woudln’t be so bad if said child were ready to work and […]

This and That

By | Posted March 26, 2013

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:: Friday’s new tradition, Flowers for Sunshine from dad, was a success.  Again.  Mom’s fabulous idea.  Yes, I have a problem with pride.  I know.  I confess it often.  Anyway, I was thinking about the father/daughter bond and just trying to come up with something sweet Lance could for his daughter.  And then I thought […]

Just Another Day…

By | Posted February 28, 2013

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Here I sit at what seems like my home away from home…The Lice Squad.  You thought children’s furniture stores were crazy?  They have nothing on this place.  Yesterday, I dropped 392, today I have two more here.  I actually opted for the more expensive package because it includes lifetime checks on lice.  Seeing that Baby […]

By | Posted February 25, 2013

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No complaining today.  Offering up all my prayers for a friend delivering her new baby.  I guess the only good thing about our current situation is that I can’t force myself into her home until next week!  I’m sure she appreciates not having to politely decline my invitation to come over and invade her home […]


By | Posted February 24, 2013

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Because things couldn’t seem more out of control in this house… The younger boys, meaning every. single. boy. in this house except for Squirt have LICE. See?  I have no shame.  Humility isn’t a problem for me.  Right? Do you realize I have lived in fear of lice since Goose was in first grade? I […]

Thoughts on a Friday Evening

By | Posted February 15, 2013

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:: 2 days down, 38 more to go.  I made this comment last night while tucking the boys into bed and Goose immediately started doing the math.  “If March has 31 days and it’s only February 14…”  Sundays are not part of Lent.  I know that, but I never knew that until I was in […]

Wordless Wednesday~ Words really not required

By | Posted January 30, 2013

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Ten on Tuesday

By | Posted January 30, 2013

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Isn’t there something in blog-land about posting ten things on Tuesday?  I’ve been in somewhat of a blogging funk, but I should be able to manage ten happenings in my life. Yesterday the school had a lock down drill.  The kids heard the instructions over the intercom, “LOCK UP IMMEDIATELY”.  Baby Hulk came home freaked […]