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This and That

By | Posted February 25, 2014

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When there is nothing to really write about… Today Snax led the Texas pledge during a school assembly.  They told me last week he was going to do lead it, and on Sunday night I asked him to recite it for me.  His response: I don’t know it.  Thankfully, it’s only three lines, but still, […]

Where I’ve Been

By | Posted December 30, 2013

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I’ve been reminded quite a bit recently that I’m a bad blogger.  I am, I know it.  It’s lots of things, but mainly time and lack of interest and the pesky problem I have with uploading pictures. Actually, I would probably blog a lot more if I could actually load pictures without cussing and wanting […]

This Week

By | Posted November 14, 2013

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:: I’m co-room parent for K and first this year which means I’m involved with the party planning.  The teachers have a small celebration at Thanksgiving in K which I’ve missed the past times I’ve had a child in Kinder because nobody wanted to go to school that day. I think this might be the […]

At the end of a week

By | Posted October 19, 2013

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Do people still buy school pictures?  The other day the kids had to take class pictures, and I did the unthinkable for a control freak like me: I told them to wear whatever they wanted.  My goal this year is to control the urge to buy the actual pictures.  In this day of digital cameras, […]

This and That

By | Posted October 3, 2013

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So, it appears I may be learning a huge lesson in detachment as we can’t find Sunshine’s birth pictures on any computer or backup.  I actually still print pictures, but it seems despite having the sweetest pictures from her birth, I never printed any from that day.  I think some major prayers for St. Anthony’s […]

By | Posted September 15, 2013

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On Baby Hulk’s birthday my parents were at a funeral of a friend/neighbor’s son.  He graduated with me and a long time ago we were friends.  It’s a sad situation~ a man with two children gone.  Devastating really.  I can’t even imagine what his parents are feeling right now.  Or his children. I knew this […]

School pictures and cards

By | Posted June 2, 2013

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I finally mailed the graduation announcements.  I didn’t even purchase enough to save one for me.  I tried really hard to keep the list to a minimum.  Sure, it’s a big deal, but sending a graduation announcement is asking for money or a gift.  I hate to do that to all my friends.  I’ll wait […]

To The Asshole Who Smashed My Car Window

By | Posted June 1, 2013

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A big Eff off to the person who smashed my window and stole my purse today. And scared my boys. And had me sweating in the park, cleaning instead of tending to my boys. Screw you! And have fun with a target GC totaling 10 bucks and another for Barnes and Noble…do you even read? […]

Mush Brain

By | Posted May 20, 2013

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The other day a friend told me about her hectic schedule, really we were comparing notes.  Hers was pretty similar to mine, while I would be buying gifts and cooking a birthday dinner and making birthday cookies for my son, she would be decorating cookies and cupcakes for her kids’ soccer teams.  I saw the […]

Thinking Outloud

By | Posted April 26, 2013

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** Cutest thing ever: you ask Sunshine what tomorrow is and she says “Friday flowers”  or maybe “flowers Friday”.  Whatever it is, it is freaking adorable.  As in I love this girl so darn much I want to squeeze her forever.  She is smart, witty and precious. ** Except when she is acting like a […]