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Rain, Rain Go Away

By | Posted July 3, 2010

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This weather has me on the verge of being dangerously bored. Please go away rain!

Pet Peeve

By | Posted July 2, 2010

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It’s that time, we have two, three if you count me, birthdays coming up this month. “I need ideas for gifts”. I hate this statement. I bust my ass coming up with gift ideas for my kids. To have to think of gifts for other people to buy my kids drives me effing batty. I […]

Party Time

By | Posted June 26, 2010

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It’s Saturday which means there is birthday party for the kids. I’m a fan of weekday birthday parties. This works for us because we have some summer birthdays. It cuts back on the amount of people that come to the party and most important, husbands don’t have to go. Let’s be real, NO HUSBAND wants […]

An Inspired Meal

By | Posted June 23, 2010

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Last week, I went to see my doctor who I dearly love and would drop any of my friends to be her BFF. I think most women who have babies fall in love with their doctors. Clearly, I am no exception and seem to have fallen harder due to all the time I have spent […]

A Bit Too Curious

By | Posted June 12, 2010

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Is it bad that I’m passing my stalking/snooping abilities down to the next generation? I feel like I’m a mentor these days! Not that my protege needs much help, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that she didn’t know about. I’ve been snooping since before you could type someone’s name in […]

Send The Check To…

By | Posted June 7, 2010

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Lance loves this blog because it’s another outlet for me to vent. He doesn’t have to hear all my complaints. All. Day. Long. Sometimes, I’ll be talking to a friend and say something about my blog and realize that they don’t even read it. “What’s the name again?” And I get all offended, but really, […]

Not A Donation Center

By | Posted June 6, 2010

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With four boys, there are A LOT of hand me downs in this house, so in theory I’m not against hand me downs. BUT…I draw the line at stained clothing and rusted out toys. I’ve done laundry at least twice a week since I got married so I will never run out of clean clothes. […]

You Can Count Me Out

By | Posted June 3, 2010

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Have you heard there is a Census going on in this country? Like a good citizen, I completed my form the first time it arrived. And thought of the wasted paper when the same form arrived again. There was a deadline, and I responded within that time frame. Turns out they didn’t receive our form. […]