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Sunshine at 2

By | Posted March 18, 2013

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Sweet girl, I started this post the night before you turned 2.  It has taken me far too long to finish.  It’s partly that we’re just living and partly that I’m a bit sad at you growing up.  Here’s goes… Tonight was the last time I will hold my own 1 year old in my […]

These two…

By | Posted March 5, 2013

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Truly have a blast with each other.  And that makes me feel so blessed.  I am definitely not ready to be the mom with just one kid during the day, and I don’t think these two want that either.

Wordless Wednesday

By | Posted February 6, 2013

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Not sure why he decided to write a letter, but I find it hilarious that he told the tooth fairy to sign a name.    

Better Than A Sweater Vest

By | Posted February 6, 2013

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These are probably my favorite pictures from this winter.  They were taken on the Feast of the Holy Family, and they just make me happy.  I love watching Sunshine giggle with the boys and try to copy them.  I have a very similar picture taken when Snax was 6 months and all the boys are […]

Daybook~ Feeling Refreshed for 2013

By | Posted January 7, 2013

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For today:: Monday, January 7, 2013 Outside my window:: it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t believe just how nice it is right now.  I plan to take advantage of it. I am listening to:: a homemade band.  I love when the kids have performances for me. Next up is the puppet show. I am grateful […]

Christmas 2012

By | Posted January 1, 2013

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Almost ready…  The morning… Mass Family picstures, only 3 minutes… Presents!!! Special books… Everyone except for Sunshine received a stack of books chosen especially for them.  Someone opened their gift before they were supposed to open it, which explains the absence of one son in these pictures!  To hear Snax get excited over Thunder Birds, […]


By | Posted December 30, 2012

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In an attempt to preserve memories while I can, I am randomly updating in little pockets of time.  Advent was fine.  Not as spiritually profound as I would have liked, but not a total disappointment.  In the end, we lit the candles all but five days and sang and prayed together.  We celebrated St. Nicholas, […]

Wordless Wednesday

By | Posted November 14, 2012

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Another Winner

By | Posted October 31, 2012

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You know, I really am enjoying Lance and Charlie together. We all had our doubts, but they are good.  The show does interfere with life as I knew it.  And today was another example…only one Zierlein child was able to dress up properly. This year it was Baby Hulk, or Big Hulk as he wants […]

Happy, Happy

By | Posted October 30, 2012

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I took the kids to Baby Hulk’s field trip today.  Everyone, particularly Snax had a great time.  In fact, he thinks he is part of BH’s K class.  The teacher was really cool about the kids being there and helped out with Snax when I was dealing with Sunshine, or Dark Cloud as she was […]