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A Reason To Smile

By | Posted October 12, 2013

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Let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood to throw away another shirt.  And thankfully, I can keep these.  I kind of like them. What a game!  Sure, I had to lock myself in my bedroom for most of the game.  At one point, I had two children shouting “mommy” outside my door.  They took […]


By | Posted September 30, 2013

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Could there be anything sweeter than a big brother reading to his little sister?

Sunshine at 2 1/2

By | Posted September 28, 2013

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A few weeks ago someone asked you how old you are and you answered “2 1/2”. 2 1/2!!! Goose and I just stopped in our tracks.  Where did that come from?!  It may not be a huge deal, but to us, it was just an amazing answer.  I mean, you really are 2 1/2.  And […]

For Today…

By | Posted September 23, 2013

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For Today:: September 23, 2013 Outside my window:: it’s dark outside, and the weather wasn’t miserable.  I can handle that. I am wearing:: Halloween boxers and a t-shirt. I am thankful for:: a wonderful weekend filled with football and friends. I am praying for:: the repose of an old friend’s soul, his family, a friend […]

For Today…

By | Posted September 8, 2013

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Today:: September 8, 2013, Mary’s Birthday!  We’re celebrating with brownies tonight. Outside my window:: the mosquitos are killing us.  We went for a walk and poor Sunshine is covered with bites. I am wearing:: a dress.  I’m still in my church clothes. Finding a rhythm to my days:: things are definitely different for me these days. […]

My Little Poser

By | Posted July 19, 2013

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I loved Sunshine’s outfit today and asked if she wanted to take some pictures.  She was hilarious taking pictures, asking if I wanted to take more and just posing nonstop.  I adore her personality.  She couldn’t stop herself from being the cutest little girl in the world. “All done, Momma”  

Daybook~ the heat of summer

By | Posted July 17, 2013

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For today:: July 17, 2013 Outside my window:: it rained.  Made for a great day to play games and read.  Not that the boys need much inspiration to read, but they enjoyed snuggling on the couch with books. I am wearing:: denim shorts and a Snoopy t-shirt. I am listening to:: my kids play Spot […]

A Quick Break

By | Posted June 24, 2013

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Sometimes a break is in order. To see your favorite people. In your favorite city. Just hanging out, talking and laughing for hours on end. And drinking. And going to eat food that makes your tummy happy. Just being together.  Being with people who make you happy. Just adults. Much needed time with the people […]

Art Education

By | Posted June 21, 2013

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Locally Grown

By | Posted June 19, 2013

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For the record, locally grown, it’s not always as tasty as one thinks.  And it’s a lot more expensive than Costco’s organic berries.  But the kids enjoyed it, and recalled last year when they picked strawberries.  Memories are what I want, and that’s just what we’re creating.