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Rollerskate Skinny To Timebomb

By | Posted August 24, 2012

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Last night was amazing.  Simply amazing. Another killer Old 97’s show. Yes, another.  They just do such a great job every single time I see them, I can’t decide which show is best. Okay, I admit, that show almost two years was probably the best ever…You just can’t beat getting tickets to a sold out […]

Wordless Wednesday

By | Posted January 18, 2012

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Note To Self

By | Posted March 6, 2011

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You aren’t 20 anymore. In fact, you are 40 and have five kids. You can’t stay out until after 1 am and expect to function the next day. I’d like to to thank Danny for the awesome champagne, the Old 97’s for a show that lasted till 1 and Baby Z for waking up throughout […]