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What I Learned at 42

By | Posted July 23, 2013

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Just a few thoughts about what I learned over the past year. Never go a year without taking a trip with Lance.  Let’s be clear, this is all on me.  I HATE flying so much that it’s starting to affect how often I go places.  It’s come to that.  I hate to admit it, but […]

Note To Self

By | Posted March 6, 2011

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You aren’t 20 anymore. In fact, you are 40 and have five kids. You can’t stay out until after 1 am and expect to function the next day. I’d like to to thank Danny for the awesome champagne, the Old 97’s for a show that lasted till 1 and Baby Z for waking up throughout […]

Note to Self

By | Posted February 12, 2011

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Before you plan a date night with your husband, make sure you fit into something besides yoga pants and a “I’m a pepper” t-shirt. I am seriously bummed, eight weeks in and I can’t fit into a thing. I plan to lose the rest of the baby weight, so I really have no desire to […]

Note To Self

By | Posted July 27, 2010

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I am forty years old. I don’t remember much about my parents turning forty except my dad giving my mom a bouquet that had a black balloon in it. Little did their generation know that my generation would have none of that! No “Over the Kill” crap for us. Please, we’re still having kids in […]


By | Posted May 2, 2010

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Really, this post should be another Note To Self because I know better. Paul is in town because one of our high school friends is turning 40. The party was family friendly so I planned on everyone attending. Then the Baby Hulk got sick. He started puking Tuesday night and has puked once a day […]

Note to Self

By | Posted April 29, 2010

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When your laundry comes out with purple markings all over the clothes, check out the dryer before continuing with four more loads. We now have purple on ALL our clothes, not just the first load. The culprit seems to be a purple crayon lodged into the crevice of the dryer. Any ideas on how to […]