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All Souls Day

By | Posted November 2, 2011

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Today the church celebrates the Feast of All Souls.  This perfectly coincides with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.  I’ve never celebrated Day of the Dead before, but after finding a couple of children’s books, soon to be added to our permanent collection at home, I decided to make a small altar […]

On The Feast of All Saints

By | Posted November 1, 2011

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I love the Saints.  Love Them. Honestly, it’s one of the best parts of being Catholic. Apologetics 101: Catholics don’t worship Saints, they ask for their prayers.  Kind of like asking your friend to pray for you. Today we look at all the men and women who have gone before us.  Some have been seemingly […]


By | Posted September 28, 2011

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Jenn came over today to help with the ornaments, and now they are done! Some are better than others.  I have to mail all of the ornaments, and then the organizer sends the entire collection back to me.  I hope I don’t get a crappy one back. I have a massive burn on my hand […]


By | Posted April 25, 2011

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Alleluia!  We can say it again.  Here’s the question though: is it relief that Lent is over, relief that the madness of another holiday has passed or do we truly rejoice in the resurrection?  In my house, I can honestly say it’s a bit of all three. My Lent was okay at best.  No real […]

Praying the Stations of the Cross

By | Posted April 14, 2011

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Today I took Baby Hulk and No David to pray the Stations of the Cross.  We went to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, a beautiful church off of 290.  There is a grotto and outdoor Stations.  We went last year, and the children loved it.  Last night, I decided we were going again to pray […]

Happening In My Life

By | Posted March 16, 2011

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Is it embarrassing to admit that I am now keeping a notepad (a Snoopy one) in my purse to write down ideas I want to blog about?  Yes, I really do take notes on things I might want to write about later.  I seriously have no shame, but hey, this is my blog and basically […]

We’re Ready…

By | Posted March 9, 2011

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Of all the seasons of the church, Lent is my favorite.  A time to give up and feel good about yourself for not eating chocolate, cheese, sodas or alcohol for forty days.  I used to think if I could just make it until Easter morning, I finished the race. In good time, no less. Now […]

Snow Day

By | Posted February 4, 2011

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All week long we’ve been preparing for snow and ice. Today was the day and what a bust. No Snow. My poor kids have been talking about building a snowman all week. Now their play date has been cancelled because mom doesn’t drive on ice and they are stuck inside. Oh, to be like the […]

All Saints Day

By | Posted November 1, 2010

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These are the crafts the little boys made for today. Each chose their own saint cards for their mats. I’m going to laminate them so we can keep them forever! All Holy Men and Women, pray for us!

Our Lady of Lourdes

By | Posted April 19, 2010

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In honor of St. Bernadette’s feast day, Friday afternoon a friend and I took our children to the Grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes parish off of 290. Oh My Gosh! This place was awesome! I’d seen a few pictures, and honestly, was a bit worried the place would be cheesy. I couldn’t have been […]