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The Power of Suggestion

By | Posted April 20, 2010

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My husband, the natural born leader…last week at mass, Father used an exceptionally long Eucharistic prayer during the Consecration. So long that Lance stood up thinking it was over. There was still about four more minutes of kneeling left. Over half the church followed him and stood up. (He kept asking why I wasn’t standing, […]

The Old 97’s

By | Posted April 12, 2010

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Our prom pose I realize the top pictures are essentially the same picture, but I couldn’t decide which picture I liked the best. So you’re stuck looking at two pictures of me and my Baby. I call Kobra the baby, but Lance is my first Baby. Always! The Old 97’s concert did not disappoint. I […]


By | Posted April 12, 2010

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I don’t eat Sushi, but my husband does. I also don’t like tempura, so there aren’t a lot of options for me at a sushi restaurant. When Lance wants sushi, I usually suggest that he go with one of his friends for lunch, but last night he was taking me to see a band I […]

Tonight’s The Night!!!

By | Posted April 10, 2010

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Lance and I are going to see the Old 97’s!!! I can’t explain how excited I am. I love this band, but have yet to see them perform live. I have attempted to see them three times. The first time, I was celebrating my birthday with two friends at La Strada and was supposed to […]

40 Reasons

By | Posted January 21, 2010

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Today is Lance’s birthday. (1/21) It’s the big 40. First him, then me in six more months. 40 seems much different today than it did when I was growing up. Not quite so old now, especially since we have such young children. It’s often times easy to point out one’s faults, and I’m no different […]

Awwww….How Sweet

By | Posted January 6, 2010

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Lance just walked in with a card and dessert. I almost went straight for the dessert, but he made me read the card first. Turns out today is the anniversary of the first day we met! And he remembered! (I remembered too, just a few days early. But really, I have a lot on my […]

Should I Care…

By | Posted December 21, 2009

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That Baby Hulk seems to like Lance more than me? Tonight he burned himself with candle wax and started freaking out. I admit my first thought was, “I hope you learned your lesson.” That sentence might have slipped from my mouth. I guess that makes me a bitch. But really, he knows better than to […]

It’s 9:52 pm and OU STILL SUCKS

By | Posted October 18, 2009

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TEXAS WINS THE EYES OF TEXAS We’re back from the game. We were gone exactly 24 1/2 hours and spent 650$. Was it it worth it? YES! That is college football. You spend what it takes and don’t complain. It still would have been worth it had the Horns lost the game. (The win just […]

Proud Wife

By | Posted August 17, 2009

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Two years ago, Lance was waiting out his non-compete clause. He had been off work for almost the entire summer and was more than ready to work at 1560 The Game. He’d be paired with his former cohost and able to work with some of his best friends who had moved across the country to […]

Date Night With Warriors

By | Posted May 23, 2009

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There is a great exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science called the Terra Cotta Warriors, and Lance and I went to see them last night for our date night. We have been dying to see the Warriors in person since first seeing them on the Amazing Race a few years ago. Since I won’t […]