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Happening In My Life

By | Posted March 16, 2011

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Is it embarrassing to admit that I am now keeping a notepad (a Snoopy one) in my purse to write down ideas I want to blog about?  Yes, I really do take notes on things I might want to write about later.  I seriously have no shame, but hey, this is my blog and basically […]

We’re Ready…

By | Posted March 9, 2011

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Of all the seasons of the church, Lent is my favorite.  A time to give up and feel good about yourself for not eating chocolate, cheese, sodas or alcohol for forty days.  I used to think if I could just make it until Easter morning, I finished the race. In good time, no less. Now […]

1560 Oscar Party

By | Posted March 1, 2011

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Lance and I had a blast meeting friends of 1560 at the Tasting Room last night. The station hosted an Oscar Party for six couples. The food was good, the company even better and the show, well, the company was awesome.Double Rods

Valentine’s Day

By | Posted February 17, 2011

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The start of my day…Eggs in the shape of a heart.And the end of my day.Despite the CBs below, our day was nice. Squirt’s nasal surgery went well, supposedly we’re/he’s fine, but we will see in about two years. Lance surprised me with breakfast in bed. I stopped by Pete’s for filet for dinner. Glad […]

Worthless Wednesday

By | Posted February 10, 2011

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This morning I woke up to a sleeping baby! She was so sound and peaceful, and I realized she hadn’t had her 5 am feeding. I was ready to celebrate because this would mean that we were on our way towards getting some sleep. Then I looked for her bottle and it was nowhere to […]

I Don’t Date My Patients

By | Posted January 28, 2011

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The nominations for the Oscars were announced Tuesday morning, and I can rest easy knowing that nobody as bad as Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar this year. It still drives me crazy knowing that she won last year. And while I’m sure she’s nice, and I admit to liking her in Crash and While […]

Happy Birthday, Baby

By | Posted January 21, 2011

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There wouldn’t “Life in the Men’s Room” without the head of this household. And today, January 21, we celebrate the man that made it possible for me. Happy Birthday, Baby! I wish I had something as awesome as last year, minus me stumbling drunk, planned for you, but I don’t. I’m sick, getting worse by […]

Married to the Best

By | Posted October 1, 2010

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As if I didn’t already know this…Congratulations to my talented, amazing husband. You are most definitely the best! I love you. Wish I could give you something besides a congrats and a gaggle of kids. Would a nice date work?

A Proposal

By | Posted September 25, 2010

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The Baby Hulk proposed to me yesterday. Even Goose hasn’t done that. He made my heart melt. After telling Lance the story this morning, he started asking the Baby Hulk who was prettier: mom or the Barefoot Contessa, mom or Rachel Ray. The real test came when he said mom or Giada. His answer: I’m […]

The Name Game

By | Posted August 3, 2010

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The biggest question since last week is now “have you thought of any names”. The answer is no. First, Lance hates this game more than any other what-if type of game. The bargaining I have to do to get him to play is out of control! Someone yesterday told me the baby would be here […]