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Basketball Camp

By | Posted June 12, 2010

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Goose and the Baby Hulk went to Rice basketball camp this week. I don’t think there is anything cuter than Biddie Ball, especially the Baby Hulk. He was by far the cutest kid out there, including my other one. He was also the first to get in trouble for refusing the sit properly when camp […]

Sleepless Nights

By | Posted May 25, 2010

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There are things that I don’t have to try, and I know I don’t like them. We all have certain perceptions that we aren’t going to change. One thing I always knew was that I didn’t ever want a Family Bed. EVER. I don’t even want a bassinet in my room, much less a baby […]

One Left Standing…

By | Posted May 4, 2010

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It’s Tuesday afternoon and we’re down to one person: ME. Thankfully, I have yet to catch this virus, but I’m not an idiot, I know it’s coming and I’m sure it will arrive at the worst possible time. The bright side of this is that everyone else will be able to take care of me! […]


By | Posted May 2, 2010

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Really, this post should be another Note To Self because I know better. Paul is in town because one of our high school friends is turning 40. The party was family friendly so I planned on everyone attending. Then the Baby Hulk got sick. He started puking Tuesday night and has puked once a day […]


By | Posted April 19, 2010

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All the news has been talking about how great the bluebonnets would be this year due to the winter we had. They were okay, I wouldn’t say great, but good enough to take some pictures of the boys. Kobra was in no mood for pictures except when I was trying to take pictures of other […]

Our Lady of Lourdes

By | Posted April 19, 2010

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In honor of St. Bernadette’s feast day, Friday afternoon a friend and I took our children to the Grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes parish off of 290. Oh My Gosh! This place was awesome! I’d seen a few pictures, and honestly, was a bit worried the place would be cheesy. I couldn’t have been […]

My Baby

By | Posted April 3, 2010

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By | Posted March 31, 2010

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Do you think I need to worry that somebody said Quick Weight Loss Center has a new client in Kobra? I blame the culture we live in today on his eating habits. I do admit, he’s sort of a pig.

A Few of My Favorite Things

By | Posted January 27, 2010

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My boys playing so sweetly together. I love that Baby Hulk misses his big brothers when we drop them off at school. (I have company in my misery.) Listening to them play together is nothing short of wonderful, especially when they play pretend. It cracks me up to listen to them. They are a creative […]

Keeping House

By | Posted December 9, 2009

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I am what some people might call a neat freak, picky or basically just a pain in the ass when it comes to my house. I don’t leave the house with beds unmade or dishes in the sink. EVER. I am constantly cleaning this place. Even though I’ve been really depressed about the whole school […]