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I never want to forget

By | Posted April 26, 2015

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This life?  It’s awesome. Truth?  It’s not always great.  It has it’s moments when I’m madly texting a friend about something one of the kids did.  Or I’m apologizing to Lance for something I did.  Or I’m pouting because he pissed me off and I’m waiting for his apology.  Life, it’s not always fun.  But […]

Mass With Littles

By | Posted August 1, 2013

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I can count the times I have missed mass on both hands. I haven’t even missed mass once a year in my lifetime. I love mass. Even when I’m being told how to vote.  I don’t like that part, but thus far, I’ve yet to stay away or walk out. Currently, I have some things […]


By | Posted January 23, 2013

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In the spirit of the new year, here’s a reminder of where my kids are today, right now.  All five of these kids are amazing.  Some days amazing in ways that make my heart skip a beat and other moments where I might not want to claim them.  I expect great things from these kids […]

Like A Boss

By | Posted April 26, 2012

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I have five kids.  And only one of them isn’t a picky eater. It’s Squirt.  He didn’t grow into it, he has just never been picky.  I’m so used to him eating whatever I put in front of him, I have to remind myself it’s okay when he doesn’t like something. Everyone thinks Snax eats. […]

Weekend Thoughts

By | Posted February 19, 2011

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Random thoughts and weekend plans I power watched almost all the Oscar contenders, then fell flat. I’ve made it through one Documentary. Kind of, enough to say I hope it doesn’t win. I have one week left to finish up. Just now realizing that I won’t be watching the Oscars with Paul and Brian. Gave […]

Worthless Wednesday

By | Posted February 10, 2011

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This morning I woke up to a sleeping baby! She was so sound and peaceful, and I realized she hadn’t had her 5 am feeding. I was ready to celebrate because this would mean that we were on our way towards getting some sleep. Then I looked for her bottle and it was nowhere to […]

The Feast of St. Blaise

By | Posted February 4, 2010

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Today is the feast of St. Blaise. When Lance was confirmed, he chose St. Blaise as his confirmation saint because St. Blaise is patron over those with throat ailments. At one point in our marriage, (when one of the babies arrived, I think), Lance’s throat started closing in on him. Fear, maybe. We found a […]