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Another Move

By | Posted August 24, 2013

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A week ago, I got the kids up at 6:50 so they could say good-bye to Jessica.  Our sweet girl had just packed her car.  She was on her way to College Station. This sweet girl has been our neighbor since BH was in my belly, has watched two more babies come and been there […]


By | Posted June 4, 2012

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We hit another milestone over here: Jessica graduated from high school.  I have to admit this spring has really brought out the emotions in me.  And this graduation was no exception.  I’m glad it was just me and the baby at the ceremony.  Someone might have seen the tears in my eyes. Jessica is another […]

Tuesday Thoughts

By | Posted October 25, 2011

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Is there a curse on my house?  I have a broken dishwasher, (yes, I am still washing dishes by hand), a leak in my disposal, an entryway that needs new windows, and now our television went bust. Lance came home ready to watch Sunday night’s football game only to find that the television wasn’t working. […]

And Away They Go

By | Posted August 22, 2011

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 We had our back to school lunch on Saturday.  Lance had too much work so he couldn’t go with us, and the little boys, well, their behavior sucked all week so they stayed home as well. That was fine, it was just me and three of my favorite people having one last meal before school. […]

Bon Voyage

By | Posted June 28, 2011

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Another one of my girls is heading to Europe.  This time it’s Jessica, and she is heading to maybe my favorite place on earth, Spain.  I was going through her itinerary last night remembering all the fun I had in Spain.  I am so excited for her, but so sad for us that our sweet […]

Happy Birthday!

By | Posted January 28, 2011

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Happy Birthday, Jessica! As I took this picture, I reminded you that last year you were holding No David in your arms. And just like last year and the year before that, you spent a good deal of your party holding a baby in your arms. Not worried what other people might think, not letting […]

Sweet Sixteen!

By | Posted January 28, 2010

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Happy Birthday, Jessica! I hope you had a wonderful day. You are such a special girl, and tonight was proof of how many people agree with me. I am so glad to share this milestone with you. It is a joy watching you grow into such a beautiful young lady.