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Happy Easter!

By | Posted April 22, 2014

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Happy Easter~ the season lasts 50 days.  Make sure and enjoy each day.


By | Posted December 30, 2012

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In an attempt to preserve memories while I can, I am randomly updating in little pockets of time.  Advent was fine.  Not as spiritually profound as I would have liked, but not a total disappointment.  In the end, we lit the candles all but five days and sang and prayed together.  We celebrated St. Nicholas, […]

The Spirit of Christmas

By | Posted December 27, 2012

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I don’t know a more generous person than my father.  As a child I remember shopping sprees at the toy store so we could deliver the gifts to the child’s wing at MD Anderson.  He still does it.  He spends a lot of money to buy bikes and gifts to those that don’t have money […]

Another Winner

By | Posted October 31, 2012

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You know, I really am enjoying Lance and Charlie together. We all had our doubts, but they are good.  The show does interfere with life as I knew it.  And today was another example…only one Zierlein child was able to dress up properly. This year it was Baby Hulk, or Big Hulk as he wants […]

Easter In Pictures

By | Posted July 24, 2012

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Yes, Easter.  And then Mother’s Day pictures are coming soon…never got around to posting these pictures for whatever reason.  Lance says it’s too late.  I say it’s my blog. I want them here, so here they are.  


By | Posted May 13, 2012

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Today at mass they handed out a holy card to all mothers.  The following was on the back of the card: A Mother’s Love A mother’s love is something No one can explain, It’s made of deep devotion, Of sacrifice and pain. It’s endless and unselfish, Enduring come what may, It’s patient and forgiving when […]

Moments of Grace

By | Posted April 8, 2012

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Lent wasn’t as fruitful as I hoped this year.  It seems our bad luck continues, and it has become extremely frustrating.  Then there is real life that gets in the way, kids that don’t always behave, homework, personal stuff and so on.  Then life hits you with something that takes your breath away and you […]

Daybook~ Tis the Season

By | Posted December 27, 2011

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For today…December 27, 2011 Outside my window…the sun is shining and it’s cold.  I love this weather. I am listening to…my boys play with new toys.  They are playing so nicely together.  For now. I am wearing…my pj’s.  I am not going to mention just how late in the day it really is. I am […]

Halloween~Zierlein Style

By | Posted October 31, 2011

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The funny thing about Halloween is that I hate dressing up.  I would avoid a costume party at all costs.  Thankfully, Lance feels the same way.  As for our kids, they love dressing up.  And Lance loves to dress them.  He does it to impress Chris.  Really, that’s it.  In fact, twice we’ve gone straight […]

Valentine’s Day

By | Posted February 17, 2011

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The start of my day…Eggs in the shape of a heart.And the end of my day.Despite the CBs below, our day was nice. Squirt’s nasal surgery went well, supposedly we’re/he’s fine, but we will see in about two years. Lance surprised me with breakfast in bed. I stopped by Pete’s for filet for dinner. Glad […]