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Ode To Snoopy

By | Posted May 15, 2012

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Goose has been participating in WITS, Writers in the School, all year.  They ended the year with a party in which the teacher passed out a book with their own work inside.  It was pretty inspired to hear each child read a work they created to the class. Each student selected four pieces for the […]

Play Ball

By | Posted April 1, 2012

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I’m not a big fan of baseball.  In fact, I’m not a fan at all.  It’s just too slow for me.  We’ve taken the boys to one game.  That was two years ago.  Because of my lack of interest, I’ve never encouraged baseball in this house.  However, we don’t seem to have skills in soccer […]

Sweetheart or Suck Up

By | Posted March 24, 2012

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After walking through campus and talking nonstop about college, Goose declared two things. First, he is going to the University of Texas. And second… He is taking a picture of me with him. I’ve always said this one is smart.

From The Heart

By | Posted February 13, 2012

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His creativity has no limits…

Five For Friday

By | Posted January 20, 2012

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What am I doing this weekend?  Overseeing my son work on a project he’s had two months to finish.  Not the junior, the second grader.  It’s not even a difficult project, but he has done nothing to get started on it except read the book. It’s a biography of Jackie Robinson, and he has to […]


By | Posted January 15, 2012

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Goose is receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time this Saturday.  For those that don’t know Catholic speak, it’s confession.  Pray for him, will you? He’s young enough that he isn’t really scared or freaked out by it.  Plus, he hasn’t really done anything too bad that would warrant uneasy feelings.  And I’m […]


By | Posted January 14, 2012

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Goose’s team lost tonight, the Saints, (actually his second favorite team) and he started crying.  Again.  And we’re smiling.  Again. I was talking with a friend whose son loves football as well and started crying several weeks ago when the Texans we’re playing to make it into the playoffs.  I have to admit that both […]


By | Posted December 14, 2011

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I’ve always known Goose was a good speller, he takes after his dad.  This week he proved it by being selected to represent his class in the school-wide spelling bee.  I am super proud.  Last year when I commented on his spelling to his teacher (the one I hated) she blew off his spelling skills. […]

My brightly, bright son…

By | Posted November 8, 2011

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I shouldn’t mock, but sometimes it’s hard to keep these whoppers to myself. While Goose may be all over the television one day with his sports knowledge, I can pretty much guarantee that he won’t be hosting any blogs, winning awards for his writing or authoring a tell-all about his mean mom. His writing is […]

One Fall Day

By | Posted November 5, 2011

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The best thing about Fall is college football.  I’d like to say it’s the weather, but I live in Houston. This morning Goose woke up and the first thing he said was: “I hope Texas wins today.”  He was barely awake, it was a whisper.  That was his first thought.  Tonight he is rooting for […]