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What 10 looks like

By | Posted July 15, 2014

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Goose~ how did it happen?  Ten years in the blink of an eye. TEN YEARS!! I remember your birth like it was yesterday.  Eating out at Pappadeaux, coming home and playing BopIt with Squirt, then my water breaking.  I had a million thoughts racing through my mind at that point.  I didn’t rush, I think […]

To Make A Mom Proud

By | Posted February 24, 2014

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For about two years straight Goose has been asking when he can be an altar server.  Last Sunday he made his debut. Being a little nervous, he asked his big brother if he would serve as well.  Squirt is 18 now, technically he should be an acolyte, but serve he did to give his little […]

This Boy

By | Posted October 14, 2013

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This boy has my heart.  Nine hasn’t been what I would consider the easiest year thus far. He’s getting to that age where he’s not quite as innocent, he hears more things at school that I don’t like and he is just getting older.  Then there is the relationship with his brother that is often […]


By | Posted July 15, 2013

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Goose, I can’t believe you are NINE.  NINE!!!   Since the moment you were born I have wanted to stop time and just hold on.  Hold on to holding you for the very first time, hold on to those days when we took several naps together.  Hold on to each new phase~ because with every […]

Not My Kid

By | Posted November 18, 2012

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The other afternoon, Goose tells me “mom, I get three trips to the treasure box this week because…”.  Honestly, I wasn’t listening because I hate the treasure box.  Just more crap for me to capture and throw away without him noticing.  And he notices when his stuff goes missing. Later I went over his work […]

Brothers and Basketball

By | Posted August 7, 2012

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The boys’ basketball season ended on Saturday.  It was a great season, and the boys had such a good time.  Technically, Goose and Baby Hulk weren’t supposed to be on the same team, but I am so glad about the slight mess up during registration that allowed them to play together.  And not just because […]


By | Posted July 9, 2012

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Here we are again.  Dear boy, this year has passed by so very fast.  Too fast, but we have enjoyed it.  I am not regretting a thing right now.  I am enjoying the gift that you are. And you are a gift.  A real gift to me and our family. I watched you in mass […]

Five For Friday ~ First Communion Pictures

By | Posted June 15, 2012

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I actually don’t have a lot of pictures to share from Sunday, although I am sure next week I will find more I have to post.  Until then, here are five that make my heart swell:

On This Feast of Corpus Christi

By | Posted June 10, 2012

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If angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion.  St. Maximilian Kolbe Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi.  A day that generally has processions, a day in which a doubting priest had his faith confirmed via a miracle. Today is also the day Goose received his First […]

Schools Out For Summer…

By | Posted May 30, 2012

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School officially ended for my seven year old today.  We had a field trip he really wanted to attend.  Afterwards we cleaned out his desk, tossed all his papers and came home to relax. I am so happy to have my boy home for the summer.  School is way too long in my opinion.  I […]