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Old Stories

By | Posted April 7, 2014

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Last weekend, Lance and I went to Chicago to see Paul and Brian.  Specifically, we went for Paul’s junior recital.  Have I mentioned that Paul went back to undergrad to get a Bachelors in piano performance?  The lesson to be learned in that is, (I think), to let your kids follow their dreams early on […]


By | Posted August 5, 2013

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About four years ago a mom came up to me during Bodypump to ask if I was Mason’s mom.  Her son and my son were constantly playing together as opposed to side by side in the daycare at Trotter.  They were in the middle room back then, only 2 and forming a bond.  I hadn’t […]

Date Night

By | Posted April 21, 2013

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Since Lance and I had babysitter so we could take pictures for Squirt, we went out with our good friends, Nikki and TA to celebrate their anniversary. We are such kindred spirits, Nikki and I.  We have a blast anytime we’re together.  And last night, we took our friendship to a new level…she let me […]

A tradition worth starting

By | Posted December 28, 2012

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Last night we had dinner with Lance’s oldest friends and their families.  It was a fun night and something we need to do more often.  Especially without the kids.  We’re pretty lucky that all the kids get along despite not seeing each other more than once a year or so.  Funny thing, to me at […]

My Inner Artist

By | Posted November 10, 2012

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After a failed attempt with family painting on Mother’s Day and my subsequent boycott of PP, I didn’t think I’d ever paint… Then I saw a painting for El Dia De Los Muertos at a different company.  I forgave that the class was scheduled after said celebration, figuring I’ll have a great addition to the altar […]

Big Thicket Nature Preserve

By | Posted May 30, 2012

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Monday the boys and I spent the day with one of my favorite families.  I met Betsy through our five year-olds at the gym two years ago.  They became fast buddies while we worked out.  Once I found out that she also had an interest in homeschooling, our friendship was solidified.  I had someone who […]


By | Posted December 24, 2011

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All you need is to see your best friends. And all is right in the world. I love these three guys so much.  It’s been too long, but I can promise we won’t be waiting this long ever again.  


By | Posted October 9, 2011

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I’m reading this book called The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers.  I was pretty wary of the book.  It’s what I would consider a self help book.  Not me.  Plus, I’m happy.  Most of the time.  A title like this just screams pathetic to me. I was wrong. I have to admit that I’m really […]

My Day

By | Posted June 14, 2011

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Today I took the kids to Miller’s Outdoor Theater with a friend and her two kids.  It was great, the boys took their nature journals just in case we “saw some nature”.  We saw the performance, had lunch and the boys played in the fountains.  Even Goose, the one who is always nervous about stuff […]

Cupcakes, bows and games

By | Posted May 20, 2011

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Did you know that Crave had muffins as well as cupcakes?  Me either.  But I can assure you that I will be a staple at that place from now on.  I mean, it’s a muffin, not a cupcake. My friend Shea came over to visit today and brought me muffins, otherwise known as breakfast cupcakes. […]