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By | Posted February 12, 2012

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For Today…February 12, 2012 Outside my window…It’s cold.  It actually feels like winter.  It was even sleeting in New Braunfels.  Would have been nice to have jackets.  Might have been smart to check the weather before we left town. I am wearing…Snoopy pj pants and a Get Up Kids T-shirt. I am listening to…The Grammys. […]

For Today…

By | Posted January 22, 2012

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For Today…January 22, 2012 Outside my window…it’s dark.  It’s hot.  It’s freaking January.  No, I don’t want to shovel snow, but is it too much to ask that we have winter weather?! I’m wearing…Snoopy boxers and a white t-shirt. I am praying for…Our friends at Pete’s Meats- there was a fire, and we’re going to […]

Daybook~ In Winter

By | Posted January 15, 2012

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For Today…January 15, 2012 Outside my window…it’s dark.  Quiet. I am listening to…the television in the background. I am wearing…yoga pants and a green shirt.  I love this shirt, it makes me look skinny. I am grateful for…family.  The laughter of boys that show such true happiness, the smile of a little girl, the passion […]

Daybook~ Joy

By | Posted January 11, 2012

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For Today…January 9, 2011 Outside my window…it’s dark and rainy.  I can’t see the curb anymore.  My yard is a mess.  Kind of glad I came right home after dropping the boys off at school.  Even though I could use the gym. I am wearing…my workout clothes.  I’m hopeful that maybe later I’ll get to […]

Daybook~ Tis the Season

By | Posted December 27, 2011

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For today…December 27, 2011 Outside my window…the sun is shining and it’s cold.  I love this weather. I am listening to…my boys play with new toys.  They are playing so nicely together.  For now. I am wearing…my pj’s.  I am not going to mention just how late in the day it really is. I am […]

Daybook~ Santa

By | Posted December 17, 2011

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For Today…December 16, 2011 Outside my window…it’s look like fall.  A week before Winter officially starts, we have the most beautiful trees.  Of course, we wore shorts today.  (I started this yesterday, today it was chilly.  But not that chilly.) I am wearing…a blue Get Up Kids t-shirt and workout shorts.   I love the […]

Daybook~ Advent

By | Posted November 28, 2011

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For Today…November 28, 2011 Outside my window…it’s sunny and cold.  What a great combination.  I love this weather.  I love having to get a sweatshirt.  I don’t love the fuss from the kids about wearing jeans or long pants.  And by kids, I mean everyone but the Baby fusses about the change in clothes.  Goose […]


By | Posted November 15, 2011

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For Today…November 15, 2011 Outside my window…the wind is blowing, it looks like it’s going to rain today.  I’m grateful it’s not so humid right this second.  But seriously, can we have some nice FALL weather?  Now. I am listening to…The Baby Hulk and No David play together outside.  We skipped our time at the […]

Daybook~ In November

By | Posted November 3, 2011

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For today…November 3, 2011 Outside my window…It’s cold.  Like in the 60’s cold, which I realize sounds kind of lame, but living in Houston, that is cold.  Cold enough for Baby Z to wear some jeans and a long sleeved top.  The boys, of course, argued about wearing jeans today. I am wearing…a blue workout […]

Daybook~ Pumpkins

By | Posted October 23, 2011

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For Today…October 23, 2011 Outside my window…there are about a million mosquitoes.  We can’t get into the car without the damn things flying inside.   I am listening to…Goose and Lance analyze the Texans game. I am wearing…my red and gray dress.  I think this must be my “after mass outfit”. I am pondering…education and […]