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For Today…

By | Posted September 23, 2013

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For Today:: September 23, 2013 Outside my window:: it’s dark outside, and the weather wasn’t miserable.  I can handle that. I am wearing:: Halloween boxers and a t-shirt. I am thankful for:: a wonderful weekend filled with football and friends. I am praying for:: the repose of an old friend’s soul, his family, a friend […]

For Today…

By | Posted September 8, 2013

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Today:: September 8, 2013, Mary’s Birthday!  We’re celebrating with brownies tonight. Outside my window:: the mosquitos are killing us.  We went for a walk and poor Sunshine is covered with bites. I am wearing:: a dress.  I’m still in my church clothes. Finding a rhythm to my days:: things are definitely different for me these days. […]

Daybook~ the heat of summer

By | Posted July 17, 2013

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For today:: July 17, 2013 Outside my window:: it rained.  Made for a great day to play games and read.  Not that the boys need much inspiration to read, but they enjoyed snuggling on the couch with books. I am wearing:: denim shorts and a Snoopy t-shirt. I am listening to:: my kids play Spot […]

Daybook~ Almost there

By | Posted May 29, 2013

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For Today:: May 29, 2013 Outside my window:: it’s dark.  And quiet.  Peaceful even. I am wearing:: a longhorn t-shirt and Snoopy boxers. I am thankful:: that school ends in a few days.  Well, technically, it doesn’t end until the 6th, but for my kids, it ends soon.  Just one small party on Friday for […]

Daybook~ In the middle of Spring

By | Posted April 22, 2013

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For Today…April 22, 2013 Outside my window…the sun is shining, it’s a great day outside.  I can’t believe the weather lately.  Not complaining.  Sure, the boys have had practice cancelled, but I can live with that.  I am not ready for the summer that Houston is. I am wearing…workout clothes.  Back in the habit of […]


By | Posted February 4, 2013

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For Today…February 4, 2013 Outside my window…it’s overcast, but fine.  I can’t believe how perfect this weekend was.  Of course, early Spring weather can only mean a hotter summer than normal. I am listening to…Snax.  It’s a trip. I am thankful…my husband is home, that we had a date with movie and a dinner, that […]

Daybook~ Feeling Refreshed for 2013

By | Posted January 7, 2013

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For today:: Monday, January 7, 2013 Outside my window:: it’s a beautiful day.  I can’t believe just how nice it is right now.  I plan to take advantage of it. I am listening to:: a homemade band.  I love when the kids have performances for me. Next up is the puppet show. I am grateful […]

Daybook~ A Real Week of Fall

By | Posted October 29, 2012

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For Today…October 29, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining, it’s cold outside.  Okay, chilly is a more accurate word.  Whatever you say, it’s nice. I am wearing…black yoga pants and a blue shirt.  Might want to think about changing out of my workout clothes soon. I am listening…to Lola bark.  And that’s fine with […]


By | Posted September 30, 2012

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I’ve had this post sitting in my inbox unfinished since school started.  A great idea, Daybook in pictures…except my mood is perpetually shitty and it’s not getting any better.  Especially when my kid who can bust out a narrative has all of a sudden forgotten how to do that.    So for now, maybe pictures […]

Daybook~ Summer Days

By | Posted July 30, 2012

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For Today…Monday, July 30, 2012 Outside my window…the sun is shining.  It’s brutal.  So brutal.  The kids run in and out, I just can’t bring myself to join them. I am wearing…black shorts and a pink Nike shirt.  Need to change out of my workout clothes. Moments of grace…friends who listen, my kids running all […]