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Date Night

By | Posted April 21, 2013

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Since Lance and I had babysitter so we could take pictures for Squirt, we went out with our good friends, Nikki and TA to celebrate their anniversary. We are such kindred spirits, Nikki and I.  We have a blast anytime we’re together.  And last night, we took our friendship to a new level…she let me […]

Anniversary Weekend

By | Posted June 27, 2011

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What can I say other than my weekend was freaking wonderful.  Lance and I were talking about every anniversary we’ve celebrated and came to the conclusion that this one might be the best one yet.  And that is saying a lot because Lance is pretty romantic and thoughtful about anniversaries.  While I am not a […]

August: Osage County

By | Posted March 14, 2011

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Yes, I’ve got  a new blog address.  David Stagg offered to set up a new blog for me, and since I loved how Sidelineview turned out, I figured why not.  So bare with us while David works a real job and finds time to fix this blog. Happy days are here:  Paul and Brian are […]

Note to Self

By | Posted February 12, 2011

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Before you plan a date night with your husband, make sure you fit into something besides yoga pants and a “I’m a pepper” t-shirt. I am seriously bummed, eight weeks in and I can’t fit into a thing. I plan to lose the rest of the baby weight, so I really have no desire to […]

Weekend Review

By | Posted June 21, 2010

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This weekend was fabulous. After a long week during which I barely saw Lance, I decided we needed a night to ourselves. We fed the kids a real meal, (not frozen chicken or mac-n-cheese), and put them to bed. (Not Squirt!) We waited thirty minutes for the young ones to fall asleep then took off […]

The Old 97’s

By | Posted April 12, 2010

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Our prom pose I realize the top pictures are essentially the same picture, but I couldn’t decide which picture I liked the best. So you’re stuck looking at two pictures of me and my Baby. I call Kobra the baby, but Lance is my first Baby. Always! The Old 97’s concert did not disappoint. I […]


By | Posted April 12, 2010

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I don’t eat Sushi, but my husband does. I also don’t like tempura, so there aren’t a lot of options for me at a sushi restaurant. When Lance wants sushi, I usually suggest that he go with one of his friends for lunch, but last night he was taking me to see a band I […]

Tonight’s The Night!!!

By | Posted April 10, 2010

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Lance and I are going to see the Old 97’s!!! I can’t explain how excited I am. I love this band, but have yet to see them perform live. I have attempted to see them three times. The first time, I was celebrating my birthday with two friends at La Strada and was supposed to […]

Date Night With Warriors

By | Posted May 23, 2009

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There is a great exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science called the Terra Cotta Warriors, and Lance and I went to see them last night for our date night. We have been dying to see the Warriors in person since first seeing them on the Amazing Race a few years ago. Since I won’t […]