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NYC and Philly, September 2015

By | Posted February 2, 2016

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I have to say hands down, this trip was my favorite of 2015.  I feel horrible saying that because I had an amazing year with the kids and without them…NYC with Lance, Chicago, the road trip with the kids and mom that ended in DC with the entire family.  Plus, just the relaxing trips to […]

A Holy First Communion

By | Posted June 28, 2014

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On the Feast of Corpus Christi, a day celebrating the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Mason received his First Communion.  His excitement leading up to the day was contagious.  And afterwards?  Once he received the Lord?  He couldn’t stop talking about it.  He was radiant.  Which is what is supposed to happen. I’ve […]

To Make A Mom Proud

By | Posted February 24, 2014

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For about two years straight Goose has been asking when he can be an altar server.  Last Sunday he made his debut. Being a little nervous, he asked his big brother if he would serve as well.  Squirt is 18 now, technically he should be an acolyte, but serve he did to give his little […]

Let the feasting begin

By | Posted September 30, 2013

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Sunday marked the beginning of one of the best weeks in the liturgical calendar~The feast of the Arch Angels.  The kids had angel food cake and read about the angels, even taking some time to learn the St. Michael prayer. Today we read one of our favorite books, St Jerome and the Lion and since […]

Learning the Saints

By | Posted August 29, 2013

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Hands down one of the best parts of being Catholic is having a communion of Saints that can pray for you.  Since they are in heaven, they are right there in the ear of Jesus interceding for us.  They’ve done their time, so to speak and they are ready and willing to be there for […]

A Baptismal Anniversary

By | Posted April 19, 2013

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Today is the anniversary of Chelsea and Squirt’s Baptism.  These were the first kids we baptized.  Pretty cool when you think about how many children we’ve taken into our church and had baptized.  We had a small celebration to remember the day they became full members of the church and received the grace of the […]

Holy Week

By | Posted April 4, 2013

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 ~ This post is really picture heavy, like really heavy~ Have I mentioned that I love being Catholic?  Yes, I guess I have.  For me the best part is the Easter Triduum.  The mass that never ends.  Three days of really long masses.  Really long, like two hours.  With littles long. Holy Thursday is such […]

Habemus Papem!!!

By | Posted March 14, 2013

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Each of the boys is completing a narration of today’s events, and I want in on the action.  I want to remember. Seriously!!!  We have a POPE!!!  How I pray that my kids understand the importance of today.  I know that when John Paul II was elected, I didn’t realize how important it was. Lance, […]

Come Holy Spirit

By | Posted March 11, 2013

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Seriously, does it get better than this? Today, we visited the Basilica in Mobile, a beautiful church.  I was the last one in the church and walked in and found the kids praying.  Should I have joined them?  Probably yes, but I have been wanting this image forever.  Sunshine kneels each time she enters the […]

A Goodbye

By | Posted February 28, 2013

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The past ten days have been filled with much drama in the house, and not the kind I want. So much so that the Holy Father resigning has not been at the top of my mind.  I take that back, I’ve thought about it each day, taken out our books on John Paul II and […]