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A Quick Break

By | Posted June 24, 2013

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Sometimes a break is in order. To see your favorite people. In your favorite city. Just hanging out, talking and laughing for hours on end. And drinking. And going to eat food that makes your tummy happy. Just being together.  Being with people who make you happy. Just adults. Much needed time with the people […]

Vacation Pictures, The Uncensored Version

By | Posted July 14, 2012

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I love pictures.  A lot.  They make me happy.  I took quite a large amount of pictures over the vacation.  Paul asked me what I did with all my pictures.  I’ve known Paul since high school, he’s made all the photo albums.  He should know better.  I look at them.  What did he think I […]


By | Posted December 24, 2011

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All you need is to see your best friends. And all is right in the world. I love these three guys so much.  It’s been too long, but I can promise we won’t be waiting this long ever again.  

How To Take Pictures With Children

By | Posted March 24, 2011

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I love pictures, I love kids, but taking pictures with kids can drive me crazy.  Add the fact that I like to send entire family photos for our Christmas card and picture taking becomes a dreaded event in the house.  I don’t ask for much: just that everyone look forward with their eyes open and […]

August: Osage County

By | Posted March 14, 2011

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Yes, I’ve got  a new blog address.  David Stagg offered to set up a new blog for me, and since I loved how Sidelineview turned out, I figured why not.  So bare with us while David works a real job and finds time to fix this blog. Happy days are here:  Paul and Brian are […]


By | Posted May 8, 2010

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Brian just finished his Master’s Program in Architecture. It’s been three long years. He has put so much time and energy into this program, I would get tired just hearing about everything he was doing. Honestly, I don’t remember working that hard during college or law school. We are so proud of Brian and wanted […]