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Longhorns and Tutus, Could It Get Better?!

By | Posted January 20, 2011

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To Baby Z

By | Posted January 14, 2011

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Today I caught you staring at me. Just looking so intently at my face as if you were trying to figure me out. I couldn’t stop staring right back at you. I want so much not to forget any second of your sweet life. I know how it goes…I will forget lots of the details […]


By | Posted January 8, 2011

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Three weeks in, and I’m finally tired. And cranky. The crankiness is made worse by people, meaning family members, asking what’s wrong. My first impulse is to scream, “what the eff do you think is wrong?” Do I need to remind you know that I just had a kid, and that school started and I’m […]

And Then There Were Five

By | Posted December 19, 2010

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Quite honestly, I didn’t think we’d make it to five. On March 17, 2010, when we should have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we were having another miscarriage. Our fifth. And I was done. Over it. I was over having babies in heaven. I could see no grace in it any longer. Lance, who has […]

Hello Five?

By | Posted December 17, 2010

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So…I’m having a baby in about twelve hours. And I’m still up. I actually waited to eat until now so I’m not starving all morning. We’ll see if this plan works for me. If not, I will daydream about Miller’s Cafe for dinner tomorrow during the section. Thank God I have a doctor who allows […]