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11 Months

By | Posted November 27, 2011

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Little girl you are eleven months old.  Just how did this last year pass by so quickly?  While I wish time didn’t pass so quickly, I have no regrets about this first year of your life.  We have enjoyed our time with you every single day. You are so funny these days, showing us that […]

Daybook~ In November

By | Posted November 3, 2011

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For today…November 3, 2011 Outside my window…It’s cold.  Like in the 60’s cold, which I realize sounds kind of lame, but living in Houston, that is cold.  Cold enough for Baby Z to wear some jeans and a long sleeved top.  The boys, of course, argued about wearing jeans today. I am wearing…a blue workout […]

Sweet Girl

By | Posted October 28, 2011

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Ten Months

By | Posted October 24, 2011

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The countdown is on.  You are about to be a year old.  It seems unreal that you’ve only been here for ten months.  No disrespect to the rest of the family, but I can’t imagine a time when you weren’t a part of this family.  You were meant to be here.  And I’m not just […]

9 Months

By | Posted October 4, 2011

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This post has been waiting for over two weeks now.  Sorry baby girl.  Today I post, no matter how little I write. As I sit here on the couch you’re next to me with three books, your fish toy and pink stacking rings.  You didn’t want to be on the floor playing, you wanted to […]

Five For Friday: She’s So Cute Edition

By | Posted September 23, 2011

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To Raise Her Right

By | Posted September 10, 2011

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From the second my children come home from the hospital, everyone knows they are Longhorns.  Baby Z was our first baby leaving the hospital in a pink Longhorn onesie. Baby Z arrived after football season ended for the Longhorns.  She was lucky to miss the disaster that was Longhorn football last year. It’s a new […]

Eight Months

By | Posted August 19, 2011

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Oh Sunshine Girl, you are eight months old.  How is that possible? Truly, you are the sweetest baby I know.  The only negative is that you like us to walk around when we hold you.  If that is the worst thing I can say about you, then I am pretty lucky.  And I am smart […]

Food, Finally

By | Posted August 15, 2011

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The poor girl will be eight months on the 17th.  Today I finally fed her something other than my milk.  I think she liked it.  I called all the kids to join the fun, but nobody thought this was interesting except for No David.  

Seven Months

By | Posted July 23, 2011

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You are now closer to being a one year old than being a newborn.  Someone told me that the other day.  The words made me stop.  I didn’t like hearing it one single bit.  And your father, well, he knows that while I am not dramatic about most things, something like that statement can send […]