About Nicole Zierlein

I'm wife to Lance, mom to a troupe of four boys and a girl. No, we did not keep trying until we had a girl. We just like kids a lot. We also have five babies storming heaven for us.

I stay at home with my kids. Currently, it's just one kid at home with me these days. I wish it were all of them. My kids range in age from 20 to 5. Our oldest just moved out December2015. Our youngest turned five December 2015 and the plan is to homeschool her. Finally! I'm deeply invested in the education of my kids and have a tendency to buy way too many children's books.

I grew up Catholic and my goal was to marry a Catholic boy. If only because I knew my dad would freak if I married outside the church. Now that I have five kids, I know exactly what he was feeling. Being Catholic is a huge part of who we are.

I'm a Texas Longhorn fan. While I haven't really converted Lance, he lets me watch games in peace, has been to the National Championship Games with me and knows not to invite people over when I'm watching a game. We don't attend kids' birthday parties on Saturdays during football season.

My blog is basically a scrapbook of our life. Some stories are for me, some for my parents, and others, I guess I just like talking about myself, Lance or the kids. The pictures I post of me or the family are mostly good ones. There are tons of really bad ones, (thank God for digital cameras!) but why post those?

Any other questions about me can be answered here.