Days of our Lives

By | Posted November 18, 2015

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It’s been one of those long days where I just want some space.  I’m not sure why I feel that way.  I had a hair appointment then went to physical therapy for my hip.  Maybe it’s the lack of answers on my hip that is leading me to the bedroom alone.

I just know the evening felt like it took forever and ever.  We even ate dinner early, a real meal with a protein, vegetables and even a starch.  We usually don’t do starches because my kids don’t eat rice or potatoes.  They would eat bread with butter every evening if I let them, but I won’t.  Tonight I roasted some potatoes because BH and Sunshine have taken a liking.  So a real meal.  Early.  And still I’m exhausted.

I’m mentally just tired.  Today I got an email from Goose’s technology teacher.  Seems he had a project to present today.  He didn’t present.  Why?  Oh, it’s good.  He told his teacher we wouldn’t let him work on his project.  In all honestly, he was told he couldn’t work on his technology homework until everything else was finished.  This was after we caught him playing video games while doing homework.  But just last week, he used that same line with me regarding homework for that class.  I reminded him that he could work on it after he was done with everything else.  I don’t know what he was thinking with this project.  A project!!!  This kid…he’s so smart, but does some really stupid things.  And I don’t do stupid well.

Speaking of stupid…Snax’s second grade class…all three classes have been on silent lunch with assigned seats and no recess for five days so far.  Tomorrow should be the last day.  During recess they walk/run the track.  Supposedly this has been done with the approval of the counselor and principals.  It’s beyond comprehension that they would think this is acceptable for 7 year old kids.  The reason is that the majority of the students aren’t behaving.  Snax has had all E’s in conduct since school started.  Amazing, but true.  I know of another child with the same conduct.  Another with a couple of S’s.  Yet they still have the same punishment.  For what?  Being in second grade?  Snax came home last week complaining about it, but the punishment sounded just so outrageous to me that I didn’t think it was true.  I asked another parent who confirmed with her non-complaining daughter.  The kicker?  The teachers didn’t think that this behavior needed to be brought to anyone’s attention until parents started asking questions.  They ended their letter asking that we all work together on this.  Fuck that.  I told Snax to keep doing what he’s been doing since thus far, he’s making E’s, but that if this ever happened again, he needed to tell me immediately.  That will be the day I bring all the kids donuts during lunch.

After the kids finally crashed, I figured I’d read some of my open tabs on the computer.  I have a really bad habit of opening articles and not reading them.  The one I settled on tonight?

50 memorable moments from Days of Our Lives.

Yes, 50 moments from a show I don’t watch.  Except I know all the characters because way back in college-over 20 years ago- I used to watch DOOL.  Bo and Hope!  The plantation!  Alice!  The Christmas Ornaments.  I was hooked watching these clips.  I was embarrassed to admit it, but guess what?  I could finally relax.

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