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By | Posted October 21, 2014

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Snax started off the school year with all E’s in conduct.  I had high hopes it might last since last year his conduct was pretty amazing.

Since the first three weeks of school, he’s had quite the time.  He moved to S’s in conduct and follows classroom rules rather quickly.  He likes to tell me he has more E’s overall than S’s.  He’s right, its just that the E’s aren’t in things that really matter.

In one week he:

  • managed to get into an argument with a friend and tell her he wished she hadn’t come to his house.  When I asked him why he said that, he totally admitted it and said he didn’t want someone at his house that was mean to him.  Which I get, except the “coming to my house” incident had occurred weeks ago.
  • He also broke a girl’s pencil.
  • I then got an email from the teacher saying he was caught screaming in the bathroom.  Just screaming really loudly for no reason.  Of course, he denied it, which yes, makes me proud.
  • He also got caught messing with the water fountains in the hallway
  • And to top that week off, he earned a P in conduct for playing roughly on the playground.

This week, he left the classroom without getting the substitute teacher’s permission.  She freaked out.  He went to the bathroom and while there, threw wet paper towels at another child in the bathroom, earning himself a quick trip to the principal’s office.  Thankfully, the only concern for the entire incident was him leaving the classroom.

This is the Snax I expected at school.  I’m not sure if I’m happy or not.  He is excelling in academics so I guess I don’t mind too much.

Comments on Snax’s week

  1. From Grqndpa:

    Quite a few “incidents” that Snax has been involved with – however, I am sure he will be ok as he gets older. Do you think he is “bored” with school – just wondering?


  2. From Reagan:

    Ever gonna blog again ??

    • From Nicole:

      Yes, I am! I have so many posts that I have started it’s pathetic! I start and then never finish. Was thinking of just posting as is, for memories sake at least.

      2015…posting again!

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