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I literally don’t know where the time goes.  I started this post over a month ago.  And instead of finding five new things to write about, I’ll just add to this list.  Make a few corrections and basically, just finally post something.

:: We survived our first week of school.  We managed to get there on time, though we’ve yet to arrive early.  The boys are counting on their Mimi to get them there tomorrow so they can go to the library and visit with friends.  Snax completed his first tiny project~ just a what’s in your in mind thing.  He was supposed to fill a head with whatever he thinks about, good and bad.  He chose: the family, playing with his brothers, Snoopy, Legos, Lola, pizza, robbers, fire ants, nature, books, school and God.  I didn’t realize he was worried about robbers, but turns out he is.  He has to present it to class, and I’m hoping his teacher will think he is as cute and sweet as I did tonight watching him practice.  He wiggles a lot while talking, so much so you think he needs to use the restroom.  Here’s the thing, I don’t want that to change yet. In a few years, fine, but for now, I just want him to stay the same.

The teacher had parents complete a form about their child and one of the questions asked what do you like best about your child, (at least I think that was the question).  My response: “that he is six and acts like it.  He won’t be rushed into growing up despite having three older brothers.  The fact that he has so much to learn.  The twinkle in his eyes and his sweet smile.”   Snax is a pretty fantastic kid.  He breaks most toys within twenty-four hours, is turning in a wrinkled mind map tomorrow, but he just rocks.

Updated to add: we just completed our second project.  A timeline of his life.  He had four days to complete it.  He started last night.  There were a few tense moments, but it’s a good project overall.  It took him quite some time to choose just five items from his life, but after some fussing he chose just five.  And then when he practiced, I just fell in love with this kid all over again.  I wish everyone could see just how awesome he is.  I asked his teacher how he did, and she said he was great today.  He made eye contact, didn’t kick his leg like he had been doing and told everyone he was mad because I made him choose only five events from his life.

That kid- total charmer.

SO…I had four of these written and per usual, they are gone.

:: We went to Virginia for Labor Day weekend.  My friend’s daughter got married.  And let’s just stop right there…I am old enough that I have friends whose kids are getting married.  Rarely do I feel old.  But man, how did that happen?

The trip was great, but too fast.  We flew into DC and spent the afternoon there.  We waited an hour to get the rental car which affected some of the sites we were able to see, but overall, it was a great day.  Just made me excited to take the kids there in the next few years.

My friend Sarah is the best cook I know, and I have a lot of friends who can cook.  Saturday she hosted a breakfast at her place.  Lance kept asking why I didn’t make her recipes more often.  Same thing happened Sunday at lunch.

The wedding itself was awesome, tons of great details that were so Sarah, but really it was just great to see my friend.  Even in that setting where she was entertaining everyone.  Made me miss her even more, but I am so glad we went.

:: We took Sunshine with us on that trip.  Something about being Daddy’s little girl.  She was great though.  We went to Monticello, and she still walks around saying Monticello with an Italian accent like our guide taught her to say.  She can tell you it’s Jefferson’s home too.  She was awesome.  Especially on the plane ride. She helped me with some of my anxiety as well.  I didn’t have my Xanax so I was slightly manic but having to pretend for her was good for me.  That and the Titos vodka.

:: I’ve yet to post about our awesome trip to SF, and I plan to soon.  Until then, this is my story.  Any reader knows I can’t stand to fly.  I hate it, don’t care about statistics and how driving is more dangerous.  I can’t stand it.  Period.  I take more Xanax than most people my size take and I still get a racing heart and sweaty palms every time I fly.

My entire family went to SF- meaning my parents and brother’s family.  Everyone went.  Except Drake.  He was taking classes and couldn’t go with us.  And boy did he miss us.  I sent him a text from the airport telling him to say a quick prayer for his mom and that  I’d see him soon.  We got on the plane and waited.

And waited.

I told Lance something was up because we were taking too long to take off.  He brushed me off, then two seconds later, the captain is talking about how they are checking to make sure the plane is flight worthy due to a scratch on the wing.

I about flipped.

I heard my mom say, “well, she’s going to lose it.”

I implored my husband to get off the plane.  What about Drake?  He was home waiting for us.  Us- the people on a plane that might not be flight worthy.

He ignored me.  I went to my father who was less interested. I tried to play on his guilt.  We were Drake’s family- with one drop from the sky, he’d be all alone.  How could we leave him alone to make his way in the world.

It didn’t work.  Nobody listened.  And fine, we made it home safely.  Late, but safe.  In fact, Drake was asleep by the time we walked in the door.

So yes, the ride was okay, but I still hate flying.  HATE IT.

:: Tomorrow night is game night.  I can’t wait.  It’s one of my favorite things ever.  We always play games with Paul and Brian, but rarely with our friends here.  And never with our families.  Which sucks because how awesome would that be?   Years ago we used to play cards with my uncles, but we haven’t done that since I got married.  And I love games, I have an entire closet full of them.  We’ve played a few times over the last year with friends, and I’m hoping to make it a quarterly thing.  Anyway, my friend Laura is hosting, and I’m psyched.  It should be a simple yet fun night.  With lots of wine.  I’m pretty happy!

So I made it to five.  I have lots swirling in my mind, and hopefully, I find some rhythm and start writing again on a regular basis.

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