Can you just stay FIVE?!!

By | Posted July 18, 2014

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Oh my sweet little boy, Snax.  How can another year have passed?

My boy with the twinkle in his eye, the mischievous one who is all boy.  Where did five go?


It passed too fast, and it kills me.  But kid, what a year.  Truly, it was a fantastic year for you.  I’ve been asking you all week if you would consider just staying five.  You told me you’d think about it.  WhenI asked today what the final answer was, you said it was a secret.

Either way, kid, things are going to be great this year.


Last year had you leaving me to head off to school.  Oh how I worried.  I didn’t want my baby boy to leave.  And really, you were such a young five.  Such a young, young five.  And mischievous.  And that twinkle…would your teachers appreciate that twinkle?  I worried how you would behave in class.  But you were great.  Maybe a total of 8 notes the entire year.   And one of your teachers told me you were just so cool and funny.  She got you.  (Well, mostly.)  It wasn’t just your behavior that was great, it was how you picked up on things so fast.  Your math continues to amaze me.  You can add whatever we throw at you in your head.  You know you’re good, and I love to see that proud look in your eyes.


You are right along with the boys listening to stories.  You fight over sitting next to me and still bring huge stacks of books for me to read to you.  You love Bible stories and know them after hearing them just once.

You love that damn dog of ours.  This year was so cold, Lola was allowed to come inside.  You had her walking all over the house, sleeping with you.  You play with her nonstop, get on top of her, feed her.  When you wrote about your family this year, you said there were 8 people because you included her in the mix.  I’m glad you love her despite how much she gets on my nerves.


You are hilarious with Mari!  You love her, most of the time.  Oh how she cried when you went to school this year.  And you were so sweet to her, you always ran back to give her a kiss.  You asked about her day, you were curious.  I think you missed her too.  Sometimes I catch you and her reading together.  It makes my heart happy.  But when she makes you mad, there is no stopping you.  Nothing will calm you down.  I have to share this story, not to embarrass you, but so I remember later on…One day, you asked if you could marry your sister and when I said no, you asked if you could just live with her.  It was such a sweet request, you just love her and like being around her.


You may be the youngest boy in the house, but you have no fear of anyone.  One of the boys pisses you off, you go off and punch them.  And it doesn’t matter if they hurt you, you won’t go down.


All year long, I found you outside playing baseball.  Mostly, you made your biggest brother, Drake,  play with you.  You love it.  You’re a good hitter.  In the spring, you played baseball and soccer.  You are super aggressive and have no fear.  I would die before playing goalie, but the thought that you could get hurt doesn’t occur to you.  Right now, dad is coaching your basketball team.  You’ve had to sit out a few times for not minding dad, but you go to the side and wait.  But again, you’re aggressive on the court.  Dad and I like that about you.

But beneath the twinkle, the tough boy, there is a sweet little boy.  A boy who will come and tell me he loves me.  A sweet little boy who will ask if we can snuggle.  That may have been my favorite part of the day: after school when you just needed some time with me.  Because I missed you so much, and to have you ask for time with me, made my heart melt.

But you know what my favorite thing about you is?   It’s how slow you do things.  You refuse to be rushed.   It happens when you order food, when you are choosing a gift from the store, what shoes to buy…Sure, it frustrates me how long it takes for you to make a decision, but when I force myself to slow down with you, I see the joy in all of it.  Life shouldn’t be rushed.  I know that’s why God gave you to me.  That’s what he wants you to teach me.  To slow down and enjoy life.  I always talk about living intentionally, you force me to do just that.

DSC_3306 Snax, you are such an amazing little boy.  You are constantly making me laugh.  After leaving a party this year, you informed me how great the owner’s dog was.  When I asked why, you responded “you can punch him in the face.”  I couldn’t believe it!  I freaked out asking if you had punched the dog,  You assured me that you had not, you just knew that he wouldn’t have minded.  Truly, your mind is amazing.

The following morning, you woke up with blue gum in your hair.

Snax, my sweet boy, I love you so much.  You are the one who made our home loud from day one, bringing out the loud in everyone else.  My favorite thing is to wake up and see you snuggled next to me or hear you ask me to snuggle you.  How can my rambunctious little boy be such a little snuggle bug?  But you are, and the best thing I could ever do with you is to immediately say yes when you ask.  It’s good for me and good for you.  Happy Birthday, my son.  I love you and can’t wait to see what happens this year!

May God bless you always!  Mary, pray for my son!  St. Sebastian, pray for my son!


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  1. From Cory:

    Happy birthday Snax.

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