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By | Posted July 15, 2014

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Goose~ how did it happen?  Ten years in the blink of an eye.



I remember your birth like it was yesterday.  Eating out at Pappadeaux, coming home and playing BopIt with Squirt, then my water breaking.  I had a million thoughts racing through my mind at that point.  I didn’t rush, I think I moved furniture, loaded my Ipod, and then left once Mimi arrived.

It was a long night and finally, I was pushing, and there you were, after two and a half hours of pushing.  I can look down and still see you in my arms just looking up at me.  I have not wanted to let you go since that moment.

DSC_3166And honestly, I don’t think you like  being far away either.  You still ask to snuggle, you fight over sitting next to me while I read and you get mad when you think someone else is getting more attention than you.  You are a mama’s boy in the truest sense.

You’ve had a great year.  Probably your best in school so far.  You had amazing teachers this year.  Your math?  Well, half the time I have to really think before I can help.  You will be way past me soon enough, and I’ve no doubt that one day you will have a career where you can use your skills in math.  You loved science and even got an award in it this year.  Spelling continues to be a strong point for you, and I was so proud to see you on that stage during the spelling bee.  With a straight A average for the year, it sounds bad criticizing, but if there was one area where we can work together, it’s reading comprehension.  It’s probably my fault, we read too fast in the beginning.  Now you just want to rush, so if I can ask anything, it’s slow down.  You miss so much when you rush.  And not just in reading, but in life.  It’s good to slow down and take it all in.


Your love of sports is pretty incredible.  Growing up with a brother, the first 7/9 birthday, who was an encyclopedia and then marrying your father, I’m used to sports addicts.  I don’t mind them at all.  In fact, I love how much you love sports.  While your dad was in NYC for the draft this year, you and I sat up and watched the coverage.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know half the players, but you?  You knew them all, where they played, what position, where they should go and you fell asleep on the couch watching.  When you woke up the next morning, you had questions about where people were drafted.

Then there’s basketball.  It’s the sport you play.  And you’re not bad.  Once yoU get bigger, you’ll be amazing.  It’s another sport you love watching and we had fun at games this year.

As a mom one of my proudest moments was during baseball season.  I worried about you because you weren’t hitting the ball.  It was machine pitch, and the bats are just too heavy for you.  You went three games as well as all the practices without a hit.  But you didn’t let it get you down.  Nobody would have known just how frustrated you were.  No bad attitude at all.  And then finally, you connected and of course, it was during one of our trips, but you called me immediately.  You were SO happy and proud of yourself.  After that, there was no looking back, you hit and scored.  I love seeing that success and the happiness from hard work.


This year, you started altar serving.  You’ve taken it so seriously, and you always want to sub when people are out of town.  The others love to see you processing down the aisle, and I love just watching you.  I keep an eye out, making sure you are paying attention.  And you are.  Afterwards, you always comment on the sermon and tell me something about what you were doing while serving.  When your brother was preparing for his First Communion, you were such a good supporter.  You went with us to confession and helped him along the way.  I’m so happy with the way you embrace our faith and how you like being Catholic.

You know, Goose, ten years seems like a long time.  But I know the truth, it passes in a blink.  Next year is fifth grade, then we’ll be figuring out middle schools and high school.  It flies by, and I hate wasting one single second.  I stress myself to no end thinking about how fast it all goes.  Yes, I enjoy the time, but in the back of my head, I’m always worrying about what comes next, about the time you’re off at school.


I want to slow life down, but I can’t.  I can appreciate the child you are and the person you are becoming.  A boy that loves God, his parents, his siblings, sports, reading and Snoopy.  Yes, Snoopy is still around.  Sometimes he stays home to rest or take a test, but he isn’t close to being gone.  And for me, it’s a gift, it shows me that time isn’t going quite as fast as I think it is.  I just need to sit back and live intentionally.  Take those times to snuggle, walk alone, to sit and listen to your fears.  Being your mom is a privilege.  Not one I’ve earned or deserve, but it’s my honor.

I look forward to next year, heck I look forward to next week!  Happy Birthday, Goose.  I love you with all my heart!  May God Bless you always,  Mary, pray for my boy.  St. Michael, pray for my son.


Comments on What 10 looks like

  1. From Cory:

    Happy Birthday Alec. I can’t believe you and Audrey are in double digits. It has been such a blessing becoming friends with you Nik. A mom who has smart kids like mine and knows that struggles aren’t solely reserved for those who are less gifted.

    We need to get together for a birthday lunch next week when y’all get back to celebrate ten years for Alec and Audrey. Little did we know that 10 years ago we all were spending time in the same hospital celebrating the beginning of two incredible lives.

    • From Nicole:

      A celebration is definitely in order! These two are pretty incredible kids. And I can’t believe how fast it’s going. You know I am already freaking out about summer coming to an end. And we still have one month, but man, the countdown is on for me.

      What a thought..the same hospital. I feel the same way, who would have thought blogging and twitter could lead to a good friendship?

  2. From dad:


    Alec’s knowledge of sport is quite unbelievable – guess he will not only play sports but be involved in some manner (sport hosts???) in the future. He has such strong love for you. He is my first grandchild from you and he is special!
    Love to both of you!!!


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