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By | Posted June 26, 2014

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As I’m getting ready to celebrate another anniversary, I was thinking of my life before marriage.  I hit the jackpot.

I think back on my childhood, and it was great.  There were after school activities, vacations, I Love You’s all the time, hugs, baking time and favorite meals.  The only thing missing was that coveted family picture we never took.  Even with parents who got divorced once I hit high school, things were good.  Sure, tense for a while, but to see them now, or really the last 16 years, it’s pretty nice.  My brother and I know how lucky we are not to have to choose.

I had/have a father who is generous like a movie star to everyone, but especially me and my now immediate family.  He takes the kids to the movies by himself, football games and soon is taking all of us on vacation.  He listens, he gives opinions and loves my kids.

My mother has always been there for me.  It’s no different today.  I ask her to watch the kids, and she’s there.  For the evening, the weekend or longer.  And it’s not like she has nothing better to do.  She does have plans that she often sets aside for me.  And she gives good advice, when I’m venting she reminds me to let things go.

Which leaves me with my brother: he’s someone I admire quite a bit.  I can turn to him with any issues I am having and can depend on him for anything.  He shows up no matter what.  It doesn’t matter if it’s convenient or not, he’s there.  He’s the best brother, and I can only hope my kids are as close to each other one day as I am to him.

I’ve been so lucky to have this amazing family.  I hope that my kids feel the same way when they are my age.



Comments on My Family

  1. From Dad:

    Glad you are writing again – I can only say that it is great being part of
    this family. I love all of you lots!! dad

  2. From Stacy:

    Your family is amazing! Love them!

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