Artificial Holidays

By | Posted June 26, 2014

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A lot is made out of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and I’m not sure why.  Overall, in this specific household, both days suck.  Expectations are too high, never met and there is tons of bickering.  This year it didn’t help that Goose had a major test the day after Mother’s Day as well as a major project due two days later.  As for Father’s Day, well we spent 7 1/2 hours in the car with four of the kids.  The fifth was working and that was probably a blessing for him because that day with the exception of the 2 1/2 hours spent at my in-laws sucked more than usual.

Lance spent most of the day lamenting how nobody cares about Father’s Day the way we do about Mother’s Day.  Which may be true, but hey, we do carry the babies so there’s that.  Since I had made sure he had real gifts as well as handmade gifts, his fussing was slightly annoying.  To make matters more stressful, part of our car ride was spent going at about 20 MPH.  He also reminded me that I had gone out on Mother’s Day.

Yes, I sure did.  I did what all mothers want to do, spent time for myself.  Six full glorious hours at a bar with a friend.  We were smart and took a cab.  Best Mother’s Day ever once I left home.

Lance made a few comments about that on Father’s Day and you know what…I deserved my six hours.  If he wants to gamble next year, I say go for it.  Anything so I don’t have to listen to grumbling about which day is worse.  Because really in a contest, I will win this argument.  And the reality is that is does become an argument.

So next year, I’m not doing it.  Well, I am going out again, but the rest, I could care less about.  My kids tell me they love me all the time.  That’s enough.  I love my family, but I don’t need Hallmark telling me when to celebrate the gift of motherhood.

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  1. From Shea:

    I hate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with a white hot passion. I would gladly, without hesitation, give up Mother’s Day if Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day, and Administrative Assistants Day, and frankly, Valentine’s Day, would go with it.

    While we’re at it, I can do without the pressure to acknowledge the birthday’s of people over the age of 18 as well. (Beyond simply wishing them a Happy Birthday, I mean.) And I’d be happy to have mine go unacknowledged as well.

    • From Nicole:

      Hate them both, and even though I say how much I hate it, I fall into the trap every year. When really, all I should worry about is seeing my mom and not myself. This year was particularly bad, Father’s Day that is, and I vow this shit won’t happen again.

      I wonder if the pressure from all these holidays and birthdays is an American thing? ALl the pressure to find the perfect gift for people very capable of getting things themselves. I hate it. I love the person, want to celebrate with a dinner, but really that’s it. Meanwhile, don’t forget my birthday is july 22!

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