Thoughts on having my husband back and teachers

By | Posted May 8, 2014

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Do you know what today is?


Helloooo…it’s the NFL Draft.

It may not mean much, well, it does, but probably not as much as it does to me.  For me, it means the end of a season I’ve been living in since college football ended.

After Saturday, my husband is mine.  All mine!

Until summer.

Believe me, I’ll take two full months.

Lance is actually in NYC for the draft.  Which is pretty freaking cool.  I’ve had to remind him of that more than once.  Because really, did he ever think he would be there?  To be in NYC for the draft is pretty freaking awesome.  I wish I were there.

But I’m not.


I’m home with sick kids and a sink that is clogged because I tried to put cantaloupe rind down the disposal.  Years ago, my mom used to put watermelon rind down the disposal with no problems.  My BF reminded me that that was years ago.  Today, you can’t do that shit.

They just don’t make things the way they used to make them.

So here I sit alone with my bottle of bubbly.

It was good.

So what to blog about…

Let’s start with my favorite subject:


Did you know it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week?

No?  Then, clearly you don’t have kids in school.

My school actually celebrated this last week.  Which I must say is smart.  Who the fuck thought it was smart to have TAW immediately before Mother’s DAY??? You know, ONE DAY!!!!!  They get a week for a job they are PAID FOR.  I get one effing day.

YES, I chose my vocation.  JUST LIKE THEY DID.

When did you ever hear about a teacher being pressured into their position?  That’s right, never.

Just yesterday, Ezra Klein retweeted something about how lawyers make 70k more than teachers.

First, let’s shake our heads….is this news?  I think we all know teachers don’t make a ton of money.

But really…

Ezra, I love you, really I do.  I admit it, but, come on, just STFU.

Do I need to point out that most lawyers have more debt than teachers?  Go to school longer than teachers?  Work way more hours than teachers?  Don’t have summer and major holidays off?

Oh, and both teachers and lawyers chose their profession?


I didn’t think so.

Yes, yes, teachers are great.  But let’s be clear.  They aren’t doing their job for nothing.  

And while people can argue they should be paid more, nobody forced them into their profession.  If we’re talking about people who deserve more money, let me step right up.   ME!  SAHM, the ladies taking care of my aunt, or my granny, or people working in group homes, any non-profit, a librarian, the ladies who make my decaf at Starbucks…the list could go on.

So you know, enjoy your week teachers.  Me, I will enjoy my ONE SINGLE DAY where hopefully, my husband will do something since I can’t depend on you guys to do shit to make sure my kids even make a card for me.  You guys?  Well, I sent three emails last week to make sure all the kids made a card for you.  All for a teacher who picks on my own son.  Why?  Because I’m room mom and I don’t let my battles become everyone else’s battles.  But hey, it’s no biggie.  Enjoy your day at the spa.

I won’t be completely negative.  Here’s where I’ll talk about how much I LOVE the 4th grade teachers.  I say this even though my Sunday, you know Mother’s Day, will be fucked because my 4th grader has a major test on Monday and a major project due on Tuesday.

I just don’t understand a full week and “poor teachers” talk.  It will literally drive me batty.

Funniest thing friend’s school has every child bring in something each day of the week.  Like cookies…because what teacher needs a bag of cookies from each of her students?  But the best was when every student was told to bring flip flops.  Every. Single. Child. brought flip flops to their teacher!  I know we live in Texas, but who needs 24 pairs of flip flops???

Okay, rant over….

I am officially off the TAW committee.  I think that committee was supposed to teach me humility.

Didn’t work.

Happy Week teachers!

Me?  Happy Draft Day!

Comments on Thoughts on having my husband back and teachers

  1. From The Other Nikki:

    I feel like I need an extra appreciation day because if it wasn’t for me, my kids would never turn in the pointless homework that the teachers so often give them that makes them look good because their students are completing it. I was at my kids’ school the other day during school hours. Talk about non-stressful social hour! I appreciate all their hard work and my fave aunt is a teacher but she NEVER bitches about her hours/schedule/badly bahaved kids. She only tells me stories of how great her kids are and how one or two will seek her out at graduation to thank her. She says that is all she needs and never complains about hours or pay. She doesn’t need the parents to make her feel appreciated. She knows she is from her students. Anyway, I have had my own battles and side eyes from our school. I appreciate their hard work but they don’t appreciate mine. \END. RANT.

    Glad you get LZ back for a few months. This was a crazy draft. I am sure he is glad it’s over too. Now we can hang out more. HAHA!

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