1/2 Marathon

By | Posted April 13, 2014

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So today I ran a 1/2 marathon.  It was pretty awesome.  I’m not a runner, but I really want to run the Houston 1/2 next year and raise money for Duchenne MD.




That’s a technicality, my heart rate monitor says 21 seconds.  Small details.

I hate to act like it’s a full marathon, because it was only 13 miles, but I’m pretty happy with today.

Best part, my family and dad were there to see me finish.   Lance was super proud and posting all over the place.

Comments on 1/2 Marathon

  1. From Cory:

    Congrats Nik. Very proud of you.

    • From Nicole:

      Thank you! The shit I do. At least I didn’t pass out.

  2. From Dad:

    Nikki – I am really proud of your achievement – as I told you, I ran in several
    of the half marathons and they are tough. I will not tell you my time just
    that yours was very good. Now take it easy. Dad

    • From Nicole:

      Take it easy?! Ha! But thanks, dad! This was great, and I feel really accomplished right now.

  3. From Jilly:


    You are a badass. Seriously. I may never get under a 2 hour…and my best friend, who is a CRAZY Ironman level athlete, took 2 years of training to get under a 2 hour!!

    • From Nicole:

      Thank you!!! You are way too sweet! I’m so excited. If you are interested, I got my race results and I was so happy about them. This race clearly isn’t as big as even the Houston race, but still…I am hooked! Already trying to figure out where I can travel to run. We will have to talk!

      • From Jilly:

        We should!! Ive ONLY traveled to run. Ha!

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