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By | Posted April 11, 2014

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United Airlines~ Here’s the deal, before you and Continental merged, you sucked.  Everyone knew it.  Continental was good.  Now you have ruined what we once had.

I had a trip planned to KC over Thanksgiving.  My favorite uncle was extremely sick and we stayed home to be with our family.  He ended up dying the day we were scheduled to leave.  Clearly, the cancelled trip was least of our concerns.  But now, we’ve flown to Denver and booked two flights to Chicago in April.  We have a wedding over Labor Day in Virginia and then there’s a summer vacation for 7 people to purchase.

We need the flight credit.

Those flights cost $1000 because it was Thanksgiving weekend.  Guess what United wants to charge me to use my already purchased credit????????  $200 per person.  Here’s the best part- if I hand over a certified copy of my uncle’s death certificate (which are not free!) they will  only charge me $50 to use the credit that I ALREADY FUCKING PURCHASED!!!!!!!  Yes, they want to charge me to use my own money.  Oh and also…that flight back in November??  It was overbooked, so guess what?  My seat was not empty.  I hate United Airlines and the fact that one of my BF’s husband works there doesn’t change a thing.  The fact that they’re a hub in Houston makes it extremely difficult to show my hatred since I basically have to fly their shitty airline that has no customer service at all.

Fun fact about my running~ so far I kind of like it.  Even though I mostly go in circles around the track at the gym, I’m in my own groove listening to music I love.  I could see doing a few more 1/2 marathons.  Because honestly, training for this wasn’t really hard.  Now a real marathon, not sure my knees could handle that.  I mentioned this to my friend who reminded me I’m not allowed to go all psycho runner, which I am so not going to do.  Though I might be encouraged to go psycho runner if I actually lost ONE. SINGLE. POUND.  Seriously, who runs like I do on the weekends and gains weight?  And I promise, its not muscle.  I ran 12 miles and burned 900 calories, which that alone kind of pisses me off because really, what a low number, (my heart must be really freaking healthy),….and I go eat something immediately that’s about 1200 calories.

I saw this article about a family that stopped eating sugar for a year.  I can’t even imagine.  Literally, I can barely go four hours without having sugar.  My friend did the Whole30, I think that’s what it’s called, challenge.  It frustrated me, and I wasn’t even doing it.  I gave up sweets last year for Lent, and it was hard, but now I can’t possibly imagine doing that.  Though in retrospect, maybe that’s what I should have given up since my own personal sacrifice which I thought would be really hard, has turned out to be fairly easy.  Lance’s mom made him a german chocolate cake for his birthday this year.  We immediately put it in the freezer because we wanted to lose some weight after Christmas.  Finally yesterday, we decided to try a little piece.  OVER HALF OF A 9X13 IS GONE.  Today, I hate a huge piece and it was still frozen.  Now my MIL is a fantastic cook and baker, but frozen cake doesn’t do this cake justice.  No mind, I just tried more and more to make sure it wasn’t as good as yesterday’s defrosted piece.

Super excited that The Afghan Whigs have a new album.  Total bummer that they aren’t performing anywhere near Texas.  If only Lance were going to Seattle next week as opposed to a couple of weeks ago, I would so be going with him.  One of their songs is even on my run mix.  Anyway, love this band, and last saw them with my cousin years and years ago.  Still have my concert t-shirt, unfortunately it’s from the days when I thought wearing an XL t-shirt made me look good.  Did other people think that too?  Between this album and Old 97’s, April is a good month for music.

This girl~ she just doesn’t get any better.  Sure, she isn’t perfect, but God, I love this little girl.  She never ceases to amaze me.  While I’m typing she’s making me some “food” so we can have a celebration for her baby.  She tells me constantly how much she loves me and that she never wants me to leave.  I have to admit it’s pretty hard to leave her too.  This week, she refused to go into the gym.  She loves the daycare at the gym, but Tuesday she would have none of it.  So despite needing to workout, we left.  We came home and read a stack of books and took a nature walk.  I can be a bit obsessive about making sure I get my workout in, but this was the smart decision and I’m glad I recognized that she couldn’t stay that morning.

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