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By | Posted February 25, 2014

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When there is nothing to really write about…

Today Snax led the Texas pledge during a school assembly.  They told me last week he was going to do lead it, and on Sunday night I asked him to recite it for me.  His response: I don’t know it.  Thankfully, it’s only three lines, but still, I was slightly worried.  I kept telling him not to be shy and say it loudly and clearly.  So today, when he had the microphone in front of him, it was loud.  And he didn’t like it one bit, so he made a loud groan and pushed the microphone away from his face.  It was cute, and he didn’t forget the words.

Have I mentioned I’m running a 1/2 marathon?  Why?  I’m not sure.  I can easily run five miles, so I tried six, then seven.  And really, if you can run seven, then of course, you can run thirteen.  That’s my theory, and I hope it’s true.  I even purchased new running shoes, so that means I’m not backing out because everyone knows I am too cheap to waste this purchase.  Here’s the thing though, I know nothing about running.  I don’t really know how to train and while looking on the internet would be a good option, I’ve yet to even do that.  I just keep adding a mile each weekend; the plan is eight this Saturday, assuming I’m not sick any longer.  My parents both think I am crazy, and Lance, well he just shakes his head.  The thing about a 1/2?  You don’t have to give up alcohol to train.

We’re watching the Oscars Sunday night with a group of friends at the Tasting Room.  Very excited.  One day, Paul will finish school and we’ll be back to hosting parties with him, hopefully alternating cities, but for now, I will have to depend on texting and calls during the show.  One of my first dates with Lance was watching the Oscars.  We were with his friend Chris and then girlfriend, Stacy who is now one of my bestest friends.  That was the year Julia Roberts beat Ellen Bursten for best actress.  I know Lance was horrified with how much time I spent on the phone with Paul who was watching from a bar in Champagne, Ill.  He was more horrified with how upset I got when Julia Roberts won.  But really, it was such a disgusting win.

Last week, I purchased  some books for our home library.  Yes, it was a secret, and yes, I managed to get them inside and out of the box before Lance got home.  Box even made it to garbage truck without him seeing said box.  But wow…some of the best books I’ve purchased in a long time.  Two books about winter~ The Big Snow and White Snow Bright Snow.  These books were awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1949 and 1947.  They are both awesome.  Of course, I ordered them when it was quite cold in Houston, and of course, they arrived while the boys were wearing shorts.  But it didn’t matter, Baby Hulk especially loved these books and the sweet story of snow and what happens.

I ordered Sunshine a sweet lullaby book about baby Jesus: All For the Newborn Baby.  And though, it’s technically out of season, and I frown on reading books out of season, I had to order it now.  She cried when I returned the library copy, how could I not order one for her.  I found a used copy for four bucks and it’s in perfect condition.  And her smile?  And her singing?  It’s imprinted in my heart.

And lastly, I ordered a book about the Papacy.  It’s new and the feast of the Chair of St Peter was on  Saturday so I thought it timely.  What a great book.  The kids love it and we’re learning more about the Pope.  All in all, great purchases, and I don’t feel bad about hiding it from Lance, especially since I ordered it from Amazon points earned, so basically the books were free!

Now that Sunshine is three, I decided she is able to go to the Audubon.  She behaves pretty well, isn’t really digesting anything yet, but enjoys the craft, story and nature walk.  She loves seeing the turtles basking in the sun.  Today, we saw four turtles on a log, and she could barely contain herself.  We also saw three snakes.  THREE SNAKES.  It’s not even March yet and the snakes are out.  I love Texas and sometimes I just can’t stand it here.

Comments on This and That

  1. From Jilly:

    I didn’t even get past the half marathon part before commenting. This is the BEST way to train for a half. I SWEAR.

    You can even choose your level that you are at. The key is not overdoing it and either hurting yourself or make yourself BORED. Variety in key.

    Ok, back to read the rest. 🙂

  2. From Jilly:

    Also, which half marathon are you doing??? Im so excited!

    • From Nicole:

      Something called Divas…is that totally cheesy? It’s in Galveston, close which is why I chose it. There were some in SA but I was worried it might be hilly.

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