To Make A Mom Proud

By | Posted February 24, 2014

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DSC_2674For about two years straight Goose has been asking when he can be an altar server.  Last Sunday he made his debut.


Being a little nervous, he asked his big brother if he would serve as well.  Squirt is 18 now, technically he should be an acolyte, but serve he did to give his little brother some confidence.


Goose was great.  I am so proud that he wants to serve during mass.  I have to say at his age, I had no interest in being an altar server, though my church didn’t have girls.  Squirt was the same way, the second he received his First Communion he started serving, he was even an altar server during his siblings’ Baptisms.

Watching Goose serve reminds me of when Squirt used to serve at this age, and this married guy used to say how awesome it was that he was serving Jesus.  And it was awesome, but it was so creepy the way he said it.  He would kind of badger Squirt about being a priest, and all I could think was let the poor kid graduate elementary school before he commits to being a priest.  I can’t quite describe it, but it got on my nerves and turns out on Squirt’s as well because he mentioned it to me the other day.

Anyway…super proud of my boy.  I can’t wait to see him in action during Holy Week.  Wish I had better pictures from that day, but technically, I’m not supposed to be taking pictures during mass.


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  1. From Dad:

    I am very proud of Alec for his decision to become an altar boy. I am also
    very proud of Drake as he joined Alec in his initial day as serving the mass.
    Make God Bless Them Both!! Dad

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