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By | Posted January 20, 2014

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My Uncle David passed away  Saturday, November 30, 2013 in the early morning.

My Uncle David was without a doubt my favorite uncle, no offense to my second favorite uncle.  My dad commented at the hospital that all the nieces loved him.  And it’s true, we did.  But so did the nephews.  And so did my children.


And so a few words to try and honor my uncle.

He was first and foremost a husband.  A great husband, someone who honored his wife and stood with her always.  Lance and I had spoken of this many times over the years.  It was obvious, they had each other’s back.  And at the hospital my dad made it clear, that he had my aunt’s back because his brother always had her back.  They were a team.

A team that endured the loss of a daughter 15 years ago, almost to the day, and yet stood together.  It was probably the hardest thing they ever dealt with, but they were together, a team that showed us you can make it through unbearable grief.  It wasn’t easy for them, and the pain never left, but they were together.

And so he was a father, a father who adored his only daughter.  A dad who would do anything to make her happy.

He was a great brother, maybe closest to my father, someone who would call just to say two words and hang up, several times throughout the day.  Someone who would tease my dad about the Cowboys.  He was also extremely close to my brother.  My aunt commented that with Hector, David could just be.  They were true friends.

But to me he was just an uncle, an uncle who opened his home to not only me, but my friends during college.  His house held many BBQ’s over the years and many card games.  It was always a place for fun.

I remember playing cards and going nil or blind nil, watching all of my uncles just have fun being together.  I have a really amazing extended family, they are far from perfect, but when they are on, they are on.  I’ve yet to meet a family as fun as mine and my uncle was a huge part of it.


My uncle was the first person I wanted Lance to meet once I knew he was “the one”.  I warned Lance that he would tease him to no end and immediately he did.  He and my aunt were the Padrinos of the lasso at my wedding.  I swore I wouldn’t get married until they would join in my celebration, and I didn’t.

I think the main thing I want to remember is how my kids knew my uncle.  They visited him, and knew who he was.  They prayed nonstop for him once they learned he was sick.  And today, Sunshine prays for his soul.  It’s not me, it’s all her.  They sensed the importance of him.

When we traveled to Austin we always had breakfast with them.  And each time, I always took a picture of the kids with him and my aunt.  I’m sad that the last time we were together I didn’t get a picture of the kids with my aunt and uncle.  I have to be okay with that, the memory is in my heart.

I loved my uncle for many reasons, we gossiped about stuff, he gave me my Snoopy phone, let me and my friends come over during college, walked with me and my dad during Halloween on 6th street wearing a huge sombrero, loved the Longhorns, and was a killer BBQ’er.  He would ask my kids questions, tease Squirt about girls and telling him to always remember “Uncle David is always right”.  (Random, but Squirt signed every card to them with that quote.)

Uncle David went to TX/OU with my dad, brother and another uncle.  While I was slightly jealous that I decided not to attend that game, I love thinking of them all together for that last game.

My dad came home and told me that my uncle was sick.  He even requested that I send him a text to check on him and encourage him to get to a doctor.  Uncle David did go, but the diagnosis was hard.  He was willing to fight though.

His fight was short, and while I miss him terribly, I am grateful for minimal suffering.  Yet at the same time, I can’t believe I won’t get a call from him this year on my birthday.

Birthdays were huge for him.  And he was not unlike me.  He was very aware of who called him on his birthday.  Even this year on November 7th, he joked that he was crossing my name off the list since I had called early.  He still could joke a little.  Even on that last Friday, hours before his passing, he communicated well when he was awake.  I asked him if he wanted me to bring the kids into the ICU and his eyes got huge and he shook his head NO.  I am sure he was thinking those kids are going to kill me not this cancer.

Bless you, Uncle David.  You have a crew of kids over here praying for you, especially one sweet, little girl who also remembers to pray for Aunt Diana.  We love you and miss you so very much.  I’m proud to call you my uncle, I wish you were still here, but I am happy knowing you are watching over all of us.   We’ll be gossiping soon enough.  I love you, Uncle David.


Comments on David Villegas

  1. From Juan:

    Sorry for your loss, truly wonderful words you put down about your Uncle. Know that he is watching over you and your family that he is will always be with you. God has bigger plans for him and know that his love for you is greater than anyone can imagine.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks so much! My uncle was a great man, and I’m happy that I was finally able to put it in words. And really, he is here with us, just not the same, and that is a part of life. I’m just glad we have such wonderful memories and no regrets.

  2. From Dad:

    Nikki – this is truly a great blog – my brother is all smiles today!! Yes I miss home quite a bit and will do so for a very long time. Regardless – thank you so much. Dad

    • From Nicole:

      Of course, Dad. I know how much you miss him, we all do. I hope he liked it!

  3. From Jilly:

    What a gorgeous post! So sorry for your loss, but what great memories for you and your family!

    • From Nicole:

      Awww, thanks! I’ve been trying to write it for a while, and I think I conveyed what I wanted. He was a great man. And you’re right, we have great memories.

  4. From Judi Villegas Ulmer:

    Nicole, you have such a gift for words. I’ve read this post again and again over the past few days, still having such a hard time believing he is gone. Every time I’m left with a heart ache, for all of us who miss him so much. But I feel certain, he is reunited with Marlise, grinning and waiting for the rest of us to join them one day.

    • From Nicole:

      This was a pretty hard post to write. I wanted to really honor him and make clear what he meant to me/everyone. I know just how much he meant to you and how you feel. It’s a horrible loss, but you’re right, they are waiting for us. And his memory lives on in all of us. We need to take advantage of our time and all be together more often! I love you!

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