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By | Posted January 17, 2014

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The Oscar nominations came out yesterday.  Guess what I’ll be doing the next six weeks nonstop?  Anyone care to help babysit during the day?  Just one sweet little girl.

I’ve seen exactly one movie in the last several months; American Hustle which I liked, but didn’t love.  Amy Adams, I loved and not because of her low cut dresses.  Dying to see Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club and Bruce Dern in Nebraska.  Now that they are officially nominated as are the movies, I have no excuse.

I always do this, wait until the last minute to see movies.  To think, my first date with Lance was two movies, (both Oscar contenders!).  The plan is to power watch, then get together with some friends to watch the Oscars.  No Chicago party since Paul is still in school.

So football season is over for those of us in Houston.  Except my husband is obsessed with the draft, in a good way, I suppose.  So he goes to the Senior Bowl.  For four full days as opposed to his past two day trips.  He returns home to take me to dinner and pack again for the Super Bowl.  I can’t remember my excuse for not going with him to NYC.  Oh yes, it’s my fear of flying.  I won’t fly alone so I couldn’t meet him up there for a few days.  I mean wtf.  Now all I can think of is all the places I want to see again in NYC.  I haven’t been in ten years.  Ten years!!  Waiting for Godot is onstage, am dying to go to museums with him.   But nope, I’ll be home checking homework and drinking.  Drinking to start promptly at 8:35.  Nightly.

You might say I overindulged during the holidays.  Big time.  Like I carefully edited the pictures I posted so that I would never have to see exactly how much weight I gained in a three week time span.  So I have set goals for myself, one which includes not eating any cookies for two weeks.  I have made it four days!!!  This is huge for someone who was eating 12 cookies a day during Advent.  And that is not an exaggeration.

I’ve been trying to workout harder, though really, I workout pretty freaking hard.  And then Sunshine got sick.  I feel horrible for her.  And for my workout.  Here’s hoping next week is better.  Not sure how long I can sit in my house without eating.

Baby Hulk goes to confession for the first time this weekend.  He found out his favorite priest wasn’t going to be there, so now he wants to go to another church to see a different priest.  Not sure how to handle that one.  I mean, he should go where he feels comfortable, but for the first time, does he need to go where we’ve been prepping.  Regardless of where we go, he’s been wondering what he’s going to confess.  Tonight he took care of things by lying not once, but twice to me and Lance.

Goose finished his most recent project this past weekend, meaning of course, the weekend sucked.  He turned it in on Tuesday, only to receive the rubric for another project due next Tuesday.  WTF?  I am over school projects.  Over them.  We planned on hitting the library today, but with my car out of sorts and Sunshine down, we couldn’t go.  The goal is to finish by Saturday afternoon before Lance leaves town.  Because really, why should I be miserable by myself on this project.  Then he has three days to finish a book before he starts on his next project due in early February.  And to think, both BH and Snax will have these as well in a few years.

I ordered a new planner.  The Erin Condren life planner.  As in I spent 59 bucks on a planner.  It hasn’t arrived, which is killing me.  When it comes to schedules, I need to write it out, just like my lists.  I love crossing things off.  Deleting something off my list just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction.  Anyway, there are a million detailed reviews of this planner out there.  I’m not sure how people find the time to write such detailed reviews, but they have.  None of them really sold me on getting the planner.  In fact, I’m not sure I’m going to like it.  It’s spiral as opposed to a binder, and I’m a fan of a binder planner.  I had my most recent binder planner for 7 years.  I hate change.  Hate it.  So from the start, this planner has a huge negative.  But I took the leap and ordered it anyway.  Now I’m like a junkie waiting on this damn thing.  I am lost without it.

Hey, I blogged three times this week.  Not bad for me!

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  1. From Judi Villegas Ulmer:

    I am a list junkie, and love calendars…..just ordered my first Emily Condren as welll–sooooooo excited!!!!

    • From Nicole:

      That is hilarious! I am so anxious to receive it…two other packages have arrived since I ordered it, and boy I have been super bummed to find out it wasn’t my new planner!! Give Baby Stephen a kiss from me!

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