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By | Posted January 16, 2014

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I am a sucker for buying the children books.  I painstakingly research exactly which books the kids will like.  I always buy a Caldecott, something nature related, (I’ve moved most religious to St. Nicholas day) and then books I just know they will love.

This year, I got Snax a Bible.  He asked for one last Easter, but instead I got him a Bible themed coloring book.  He was not amused.  He wanted his own Bible.  This Christmas I took care of that.  I placed it in his stocking, and despite not being able to open gifts until after mass, he took it out and came running to me.


 Sometimes, you get things right.

Baby Hulk looking at his books.  He was pretty pleased with his books.  He was especially happy with his Caldecott book, which honestly is my favorite Caldecott this holiday.

My kids are hardly perfect during mass.  But on Christmas Day, they were.  And it started with this: walking into the church and immediately kneeling down to pray at the creche.  I never tire of running in behind them to find this scene.


 I purchased this spiral wreath two years ago.  The first year I tried to use it, the kids messed with it.  Last year, I’m embarrassed to admit, I totally forgot about it.  This year, I got it out, took out the candles and overall managed to light candles each evening of Advent.  This is the wreath on Christmas Eve.  I love how it looks.


 Our family minus one.  I hate that one is missing, but this picture is really freaking good so I can’t hide it.


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