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By | Posted November 14, 2013

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:: I’m co-room parent for K and first this year which means I’m involved with the party planning.  The teachers have a small celebration at Thanksgiving in K which I’ve missed the past times I’ve had a child in Kinder because nobody wanted to go to school that day. I think this might be the year I see what this little feast is all about since Snax is not one to skip school.

I was talking about the arrangements with another mom, and she informed me someone was bringing goodie bags for the Thanksgiving feast.  Why?  Because that mom’s child was upset that she didn’t get a goodie bag at the Halloween party, and the mom didn’t want her upset again.  Never mind the fact that she went trick or treating at school and got a ton of candy, good candy.  Never mind that the kid was going trick or treating that evening and also had a party at school that day as well.  All I could think was: what a brat.

It’s Thanksgiving and we have to worry about goodie bags?  Because nothing says grateful like having to hand out a bag of junk to appease a child.

:: Baby Hulk got in trouble the other day for running around during music class.  When I asked him why he was running in music, he told me he was playing Duck, Duck, Goose.  Yes, Duck, Duck, Goose.  Who does that in music class?  Besides my son.

:: It’s November, and all that means to me is time to start picking out Christmas gifts.  For my kids and everyone who is buying gifts for them.  And I gotta say, it makes me want to run and hide.  There is nothing I like less than choosing a million gifts.  Plus, I have one child in particular that plays with something once and then is done.  So it makes me feel as if any gift we purchase is a total waste of money.  And then it makes me mad at this child for wasting my money or other’s money.

I will be following our gift giving guide of something to read, something to wear, something you need and something you want.  Sure, there will be a stack of books per usual, a few shirts or whatever the clothes item may be, but the other two…probably one gift a piece.  Santa will be directed to bring two gifts per kid.

I can do this.  Repeat, I can do this.  All before Thanksgiving.  I can, right?

:: I’m faithful to my team.  So despite having tickets to the Rockets game Saturday, I found myself in my usual station watching the game.  Alone in my bedroom.  It was ugly football, stressful and lots of words flew out of my mouth.  Goose joined me during the 4th quarter.  And honestly, his presence made things even more stressful.  I had to start plugging my ears just to watch the game.  His enthusiasm, his worry, his attitude about his team…it makes me proud.

And we won.  And I have to admit, I was so excited watching overtime and the players were so excited.  After the game, I couldn’t complain about the team or coaching.  I was just happy seeing the look on the players’ faces.

:: Have I mentioned that Goose has a reading project every single month?  3 down, 5 more to go.  They actually aren’t too bad, the books are enjoyable to him, and he finishes them pretty timely.  He just waits until the Saturday or even Sunday before it’s due to start.  They are due on Tuesdays, but in my mind, Monday night is to practice presenting.

For this last project, Goose read Dovey Coe, an easy read and a book he really liked.  He liked it so much, he read it in one day.  Two and a half weeks ago.  Saturday he told me he wanted to make a diorama.  Saturday.  I looked at him and asked where the plan was and the supplies that clearly his father had purchased.  Blank stare.  I told him next month, I don’t buy supplies the day before a project is due.  This month, he could write a song.

And write a freaking song he did.  He was amazing.  I would have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have written and performed a song in front of my class.  I still get stage fright talking in front of a crowd.  He was so good, and I am so proud of him.

:: And why not let the others join the fun.  Baby Hulk has a project due Monday.  A diorama.  I can’t think of something I hate more than dioramas right this second.  I will not raise my voice during the completion of this project.  Repeat after me.

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