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By | Posted October 11, 2013

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:: This week I got a call from Goose’s math teacher.  He was calling from the playground and wanted to let me know that Goose and Baby Hulk had gotten into it.  And that Goose was at the nurse because BH kicked him.  Twice.  And drew blood.  Am I a bad mom that I immediately wondered what asshole thing Goose had done to illicit such a reaction from BH?  Turns out Goose had indeed said something shitty, and BH wasn’t going to stand for it.  I love Goose’s teacher for calling me and having me deal with BH over the phone rather than sending him to the principal.  He also gave BH a little lecture about how Goose would always be his brother and how they needed to get along better.  My last thought on this…wait until Snax joins them on the playground.

:: So my hair dresser totally freaking dumped me.  Has that ever happened to anyone before?  We totally got along during appointments, she would laugh because I wouldn’t wash my hair for a week after she styled it, I sent her a client for coloring and a cut and she sent me a text randomly about how her boyfriend has a man crush on my husband.  Then I try and make an appointment and she totally ignores me.  Like three text messages and a FB DM.  Totally freaking ignores me.  I’m kind of pissed, but at least I have a friend whose hair I love and will now give her guy my money.  I just hope he has wine at his place too.

:: I was going through Baby Hulk’s graded papers and was slightly annoyed to see he got an 80 on something.  I admit, I expect nothing lower than a 90 from him.  I looked over to see the problem, and turns out he left one blank.  The other wrong question asked “how can you tell that a baseball is not the same as a basketball.”  BH’s response: a baseball hurts me more.  She marked it wrong.  Didn’t even put a smile beside his answer, which you have to admit is not only true, but funny as well.  This teacher, not one who jokes much.

:: So Sunshine is finally starting to use the toilet.  I’m very happy about that.  She isn’t a fan of pooping on the toilet though, so I’ve resorted to bribing her.  The other day I told her she could have a donut if she pooped.  She did and then started screaming in my face, “I get a donut.”  Over and over.  Last night, I said she couldn’t get on my bed if she didn’t poop.  (Because she holds it in for days!)  She managed to get one small turd out of her.  Today she wanted cake.  After crying because I wouldn’t give her a piece, she went and pooped and then said, “I get cake.”  I’m not sure how long I can continue to bribe her to poop.

:: It’s 5:53 pm and OU still sucks.

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  1. From Reagan:

    Aren’t children odd ? Each in their own wacky way. Just like grown-ups….It sounds like a daily adventure !

    • From Nicole:

      It definitely is an adventure. My friend said I was a skit. Which it sometimes feels like.

      They are so crazy, and I say that with love, but cray all the same!

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