Sunshine at 2 1/2

By | Posted September 28, 2013

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A few weeks ago someone asked you how old you are and you answered “2 1/2”.

2 1/2!!!

Goose and I just stopped in our tracks.  Where did that come from?!  It may not be a huge deal, but to us, it was just an amazing answer.  I mean, you really are 2 1/2.  And the way you answered, so full of personality.

That is who you are today.  Full of personality.


You ask everyone their name “what your name?” And then you make them repeat it.  And when they ask your name, you are very specific.  “Marianna” and when they pronounce it incorrectly, you let know exactly how to say it: “mad y ana”.  You will say it over and over again to make sure they say it correctly.  Sunshine, I struggle with this too, I’m not sure of the answer.  But I do think emphasizing the D sound may help.  Regardless, I love just how verbal you have become.

You literally tell stories.  Stories!!!  Remember yesterday…this morning…later we are going to…that lady…X hit me…and many more.


Just like those that came before you, you love books.  You pick out a stack and bring them to me.  Sometimes I don’t read fast enough for you.  Lately though, you tell me that you want to read and then you open the book and tell me a story.  You’re not at the memorizing stage, you just tell your own version of events.  The other kids never did this, and I am enjoying this immensely.  You’re creative in ways the others aren’t.

Your memory…it’s amazing.  Maybe all kids are like this, and you would think I would know, but I can’t remember the others having a memory like you.  You remember playdates from last year, babies that were born, food we’ve eaten and cookies I’ve promised to bake.  I can barely remember yesterday and here you are telling me every single thing that happened.

You like to color, but thus far, your abilities are similar to your brothers.  You love your pencil bag more than the actual coloring.  And that doesn’t surprise me because you love to shop.  You had to have the pencil bag one day while we were at the bookstore.  I’ll admit it’s pretty cool.  But seriously, you have got to tone it down on the shopping.  You have literally cried a few times because I wouldn’t take you shopping.


Sunshine, you are what I might say opinionated.  And I’m glad, always stand up for what you believe, know what you think and why and don’t let anyone bully you into following their agenda.  That said, I wish you were slightly less opinionated about what clothes you wear on a regular basis.

Mass~ the positive…you always kneel when entering the pew, you love the priests and run up to them for hugs and you say the Our Father.  The could be better…your behavior in between entering and leaving the pews.


You get excited when Squirt comes home from work, and love your Gaga more than anything.  I love the relationships you are forging with the boys.  I hope you guys are always so close.

You enjoyed swimming this summer and want me to take you daily.  You don’t mind going under the water and jump into to my arms regularly.

You count to twenty, know your ABC’s and sing songs all day long.  Someone asked me the other day what I was doing with you, meaning learning wise.  My answer~ playing.  We play, I read, we take walks and we learn the saints and go to mass.  I think that is more than enough for a very long while.


You are definitely one of us, you love food and sometimes it brings you to tears.  And not in a good way.  I am not sure that you ever get full.  And you love sweets as much as the rest of us.  You don’t seem to be picky about them.  You don’t love vegetables, but you will eat raw green beans with dinner daily so for now, that’s good enough.

You might be considered a little OCD about things.  You literally keep your baby in one area in your crib and don’t like it when she is moved.  You also line yourself up with the middle rod in the crib.

This shouldn’t surprise me because you love to clean.  You see a speck of dirt and tell me to clean it or you run and get the swifter.  You like mess about as much as I do, and will do everything to make sure it gets cleaned up soon.

You really are an amazing little girl, Sunshine.  You brighten our day and those you see you.  The ladies at the gym love you so much, despite the fact that you tattle when the ladies don’t give you cookies.  At times, you guilt them into giving them to you before leaving.  But it’s hard to say no to you for most people.


I am loving this stage with you, my sweet little girl and I am so excited about the time we have alone together!  I love you, Sunshine.

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